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The Mandaean Book of John (Mandaic language Drāšā D-Yaḥyā; Hebrew script-Aramaic Modern Mandaic: דרשא דיחיא‎) is a Mandaean holy book in Mandaic Aramaic which is believed by Mandeans to have been written by their chief prophet John the Baptist.

Das Johannesbuch der Mandäer
Author Unknown
Original title Das Johannesbuch der Mandäer
Translator Mark Lidzbarski
Country Iraq, Germany
Language Mandaic (German translation)
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 400pp.

The book is thought to have been written in early Islamic times, though it retains material that is older. The book contains accounts of John's life and miracles, as well as a number of polemical conversations with Jesus and tractates mimicking Jesus's deeds in Jerusalem.[1] Chapter seven of the Mandaean Book of John contains traditions attributed to John the Baptist.

A German translation Das Johannesbuch der Mandäer translated by Lidzbarski appeared in 1905.



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