Mamta (TV series)

Mamta was a Hindi television serial that aired from 9 January 2006 to 12 October 2007 on Zee TV, about the universal theme of motherhood.

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Created byShobhna Desai Productions &
Entertainment One Productions
Written byAnshuman Sinha
Directed byVijay Verma, Apoorva Acharya,Ismail Umar Khan.
Starringsee below
Opening theme"Mamta" by Shreya Ghoshal
Country of originIndia
No. of seasons1
No. of episodesTotal 457
ProducerShobhna Desai
Running timeapprox. 22 minutes
Original networkZee TV
Picture format480i (SDTV),
Original release9 January 2006 (2006-01-09) –
12 October 2007 (2007-10-12)


The show is based on the story of a woman named Mamta, who is a surrogate mother to a child named Krish. After the birth, she is told that the baby died during birth. A year later she learns that the baby is alive but in danger. She goes to a new, unknown city where she doesn't know anyone to save the child.

Mamta meets Akshay and they marry but he soon meets with an accident and is thought to have been killed. Mamta discovers she is pregnant with Akshay's child and decides to marry Sid for the sake of the unborn child. Akshay returns and unaware that Mamta is pregnant, he tries to avenge what he thinks is a betrayal. When he realises his mistake, Mamta refuses to forgive him because he tried to kill not only her but also their baby. However, Mamta miscarries and loses the baby. Unable to bear the pain, Mamta leaves everything and moves away.

20 years laterEdit

Krish has grown up. Sid married another woman after Mamta moved away and has two grown up daughters - Sanjana and Meera. Meera falls in love with Krish who in turn falls for Sanjana.


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