Mamoru Ozaki

Mamoru Ozaki (尾崎 護, Ozaki Mamoru, born 1935) was a Japanese high-level official.[1]


Mamoru Ozaki who was born in 1935 graduated from University of Tokyo in 1958. After the graduation, he entered the Ministry of Finance and moved up through the ranks to the level of Director-General of the Tax Bureau, the Commissioner of National Tax Administration Agency and Vice‐Minister of Finance.[1]

In 1988, he led the introduction of consumption tax under the Cabinet of Noboru Takeshita.[1]

In 1994, he became the president of National Finance Corporation (from 1999, National Life Finance Corporation).[1]

In 2002, he was granted the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Law for his study of Zaisei seisaku eno shiten : Zaisei saikensaku no kaiko to mosaku〈The Perspective to Fiscal Policy:The Reviews and Seeks of Fiscal Consolidation〉 from Waseda University according to the system of Ronbun Hakase peculiar to Japan (Degree Number:第1669号).[2] 

He successively held the posts of the chairman of Yazaki Memorial Foundation for Science and Technology, the advisor of Yazaki and the chairman of History and Folklore Museum Promotion Association. [1]

In 2019, the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star was bestowed on him.[3]

Mamoru Ozaki published books such as Zei no jōshiki〈Heisei 13 nendo-ban〉[Common Sense in Tax〈2001 version〉] (Nikkei Business Publications).[4]