Mamayi Mosque

Mamayi Mosque (Azerbaijani: Mamay məscidi; sometimes called Mamay Mosque) is an Azerbaijani mosque located in Shusha, Azerbaijan about 350 kilometres (220 mi) from the capital Baku. The mosque is located on G. Asgarov street of Mamayi neighborhood of Shusha.[1][2] Mamayi neighbourhood is the 4th of 8 upper and earlier neighbourhoods of Shusha. In total, there are 17 neighbourhoods. Mamayi Mosque was one of the 17th mosques functioning in Shusha by the end of the 19th century.[3][4][5] A few years before occupation of Shusha, Mamayi Mosque along with Ashaghi Govhar Agha, Yukhari Govhar Agha and Saatli mosques were renovated.[6] The mosque was completely destroyed after occupation of Shusha in May 1992.[7][8] It was under the control of the Armenian forces since the capture of Shusha on 8 May 1992.[9] It returned to Azerbaijani control in 2020 following a three-day-long battle over Shusha. In January 2021, the Azerbaijani officials claimed that the mosque and a nearby fountain was vandalised by the Armenians forces during city's occupation.[10][better source needed]

Mamayi Mosque
Mamayi Mosque.jpg
Branch/traditionShia Islam
LocationShusha, Azerbaijan
StyleIslamic architecture
Date established19th century

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