Malesia, North Macedonia

Malesia (Macedonian: Малеcија, romanizedMalesija, Albanian: Malësia; also Struga Malesia, Macedonian: Струшка Малесија, romanized: Struška Malesija, Albanian: Malësia e Strugës) is a small region in the Upper Struga Municipality, in western North Macedonia, at the Golema River. It is inhabited by Orthodox Christians, as opposed to the settlements to the south, which are Muslim. Burinec and Selce used to be part of the Debar župa. The Karaorman Mountain is situated to the east of Ržanovo. The toponym Malesija is of Albanian origin from the word Malësi meaning a mountainous area or region.[1]

Ethnic composition of settlements in Malesia

It contains these villages:

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