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Malabar Wedding is a 2008 Malayalam comedy film, made in India, and directed by the Rajesh-Faisal duo, who were Priyadarshan's associates. It has Indrajith and Gopika in lead roles.

Malabar Wedding
Malabar Wedding.jpg
Directed byRajesh Faisal
Produced byK. B. Devarajan
T. Santhosh Kumar
Written byRamesh Madhavan
Suraj Venjaramood
Music byRahul Raj
CinematographyVel Raj
Edited byArun Kumar
Release date
  • 24 March 2008 (2008-03-24)

The story is based on a custom called Sorakalyanam which is prevalent in some parts of Malabar. In this custom, before the marriage, friends have fun with the bride and groom, by making false stories and playing practical jokes upon them.

Rahulraj scored the music for this film.



A wedding planner 'Thaaraavu' Manikkuttan (Indrajith) and his friends always have fun at their friends' by putting the bride or groom in difficult positions. Often they play pranks on them, in turn humiliating them and laughing at their expense. Everyone knows that they will be at the receiving end, one day.

When Manikkuttan gets married to Smitha (Gopika), his friends take revenge on them in the same fashion in which they were fooled. They mix alcohol in the soft drink which was given to Manikkuttan. He gets intoxicated and makes a mess when Smitha's parents arrive at their home. Later at night, they place a small firecracker next to their bedroom to disturb them during their first night. When the firecracker explodes, some unexpected events happen, and Smitha is found bleeding and unconscious in the bedroom, with her arm cut.

Smitha is hospitalized, and her parents blame it on Manikkuttan. Manikkuttan and his friends feel sorry for her. But Smitha reveals that it was not a suicide attempt: Her hand was cut by accident when her brother came and visited them at night and tried to kill Manikkuttan. Manikkuttan learns that she has a brother, who was adopted by her parents at a very young age and was very possessive about his sister. In the fear of losing his sister, he had already interfered with one marriage, thus making the bride withdraw from it. Smitha tells Manikkkuttan that she loves her brother very much, and she misses him badly. Her brother overhears that and becomes happy leaving them to live their own life on their own.



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