Makkal Mahatmyam is a 1992 Malayalam comedy film directed by Paulson,[1] written by Siddique-Lal, and starring Mukesh, Saikumar, Innocent, Jagadish, Vaishnavi, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Zeenath, Sukumari and Suchitra.[2][3][4][5][6]

Makkal Mahatmyam
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Directed byPaulson
Produced byShamli International
Story bySiddique-Lal
Robin Thirumala Sathyanath
Music byS. Balakrishnan
Shamli International
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)


Kuruppumash is married to Kunjulakshmy. They go to the temple to pray for a child. Kurupumash is the headmaster of the public school. One day, Kurupumash comes late with his wife to the school, where the DMO came and was waiting for long time. DMO first gets angry, but gets sentimental on hearing Kurupumash's childless status, tells either get a doctor's checkup or marry another woman who can deliver. Hearing this, Kunjulakshmy, full of guilt, makes Kurupumash marry Saraswathy. One day, Kunjulakshmy gets pregnant and gets a son. The same time, Saraswathy also pregnant, gives birth to a male child and a female later. But Kunjulakshmy wants Saraswathy to leave their home as she has her own child. Kurupumash will never allow Saraswathy to leave because Saraswathy is also now his wife with child. So starts a rivalry between Kunjulakshmy and Saraswathy. Finally they stay separate. Kunjulakshmy is said to stay in old house and Saraswathy in the nearby house within the compound area of Kurupumash.

Now Madhavankuty, son of Kunjulakshmy is grown up, and is going to attend an interview. Krishnankuty, son of Saraswathy, is also attending the same interview. Both of them catch a taxi. They both enter the taxi at the same time ending up in a race up to the interview area. At the interview area again both of them fight and damage the interview area garden. This results in both of them kicked out of the interview. Suma, sister of Krishnankuty, is studying in college where she is disturbed by a college student. The college student catches the hand of Suma while walking, for which Suma beats the face of the college student. Another day Madhavankuty is going by walking for another interview. On the way, Madhavankuty sees Suma being attacked by the college student, so interferes ending up in fight. Madhavankuty beats away the people, but Krishnankuty scolds Suma and Madhavankuty not to go together. Manikandan drives an autorickshaw, and now brings Radhika for job interview to Kurupumash. But due to extreme speed, when he comes across the cycle ridden by Kurupumash, he loses control. Kurupumash falls down. Manikandan drops Radhika in Kunjulakshmy's house, but Kurupumash arrives and tells that he has no job because of Manikandan. Manikandan now introduces Radhika to Saraswathy for recommendation for the job. Manikandan tells Saraswathy that Radhika is from the Valyakoykal family, so she is of good family. And if Krishnankuty marries Radhika, the school will be under Saraswathy's custody. So Saraswathy agrees. Now Subadramma, mother of Radhika starts to live in a rented house with Radhika. Kunjulakshmy is told by Manikandan that Radhika is from the Valyekoykal house, so if she is married to Madhavankuty, they can live happily. So Kunjulakshmy wants marriage for Madhavankuty. So next day, Madhavankuty goes to Radhika's house in Manikandan's auto. Subadramma suddenly gets chest pain, gets admitted in hospital by Madhavankuty. But Radhika is dropped at hospital by Krishnankuty and blood also was donated by Krishnankuty.

In the hospital, Madhavankuty waits a long time to meet Radhika alone and tells her Krishnankuty is a diseased person lifelong. This annoys Krishnankuty who comes and quarrel with Madhavankuty at home.

Now the race starts between Madhavankuty and Krishnankuty to marry Radhika. Madhavankuty gives 40000 rupees to Subradamma to please her and also to give Kurupumash to get marriage expense for Suma. Radhika's job gets confirmed if Krishnannair retires from the school 6 months early. Initially, things go smooth with Kridhnannair about to retire 6 months earlier and Radhika working without salary for 6 months. But Krishnankuty buys alcohol for Krishnannair and changes his mind from retiring early. For this, Madhavankuty tries to persuade Krishnannair along with Manikandan and gives a lift in the autorickshaw. Though Krishnannair out of alcohol's effect, agrees to resign early, he dies in the autorickshaw when about to come out. Now people think he was killed by Madhavankuty and Manikandan. Now both of them go hiding finally entering the top of Krishnankuty's house as a safe place. Krishnankuty finds out Suma giving food and shuts the door to the top, ending in the arrest of both Manikandan and Madhavankuty. A few days later, the autopsy report tells it was a heart attack. Both Manikandan and Madhavankuty are now innocent. Kunjulakshmy calls giving wrong information and cancels the marriage for Suma. For this, Krishnankuty now arranges to marry Suma with her college enemy whom she beat once for catching her hand and was beaten by Madhavankuty for attacking her in the road. Madhavankuty comes to know of this. So, on the marriage day, Madhavankuty and Radhika are supposed to get married and on the other side, Suma and her college enemy. Madhavankuty interferes and protests Suma's marriage with a wrong fellow. This ends in a fight between Madhavankuty and Krishnankuty in the middle of a paddy field. Only Manikandan tries to stop the fight, Kurupumash also comes to stop the fight, but gets cut by a small knife on the forehead, causing Kurupumash to fall unconscious due to severe bleeding. Kurupumash gets admitted in hospital, meanwhile Madhavankuty, Krishnankuty, Kunjulakshmy and Saraswathy all become friends. The film ends with the doctor saying that Kurupumash may not get his memory back, but Kurupumash closes one eye at Manikandan while the vehicle takes away from the hospital, showing that Kurupumash was acting like he had memory loss.



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