Makedonski Brod Municipality

Makedonski Brod (Macedonian: Македонски Брод [maˈkɛdɔnski brɔt] (About this soundlisten)) is a municipality in western North Macedonia, named after the town of Makedonski Brod, where the municipal seat is located. Makedonski Brod Municipality is part of the Southwestern Statistical Region.

Makedonski Brod Municipality

Општина Македонски Брод
Urban municipality
Flag of Makedonski Brod Municipality
Coat of arms of Makedonski Brod Municipality
Coat of arms
Location of Makedonski Brod Municipality
Country North Macedonia
RegionLogo of Southwestern Region, North Macedonia.svg Southwestern
Municipal seatMakedonski Brod
 • MayorMilosim Vojneski (VMRO-DPMNE)
 • Total888.97 km2 (343.23 sq mi)
 • Total7,141
 • Density8.03/km2 (20.8/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Area code(s)045


The municipality borders

The municipality includes the Kozjak Hydro Power Plant and the associated artificial lake, the largest such lake in the country.


By the August 2004 territorial division of Macedonia, the rural Samokov Municipality was attached to Makedonski Brod Municipality, which then totaled 7,141 inhabitants.[1] Before the merge,

  • the municipality of Makedonski Brod had 5,517 inhabitants in 1994 and 5,558 in 2002.
  • Samokov Municipality had 2,057 inhabitants in 1994 and 1,553 in 2002.

Ethnic groups in the municipality:

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