Makassar revolt of 1686

The Makassar Revolt (กบฏมักกะสัน) was an uprising in 1686 in the Kingdom of Ayutthaya during the reign of King Narai.[1]

Makassar Revolt (1686)
Gezicht op Judea, de hoofdstad van Siam Rijksmuseum SK-A-4477.jpeg
Painting of Ayutthaya c.1665 by Johannes Vingboons, ordered by the Dutch East India Company, Amsterdam
Date15 August - 24 September 1686
Result Kingdom of Ayutthaya victory

Kingdom of Ayutthaya and allies:

Makassar rebels and rebel Muslim clerics[1]
Commanders and leaders
King Narai
Claude de Forbin
Kingdom of England John Coates 
Kingdom of England Edward Udall [1]
Kingdom of France Vèret
Daeng Mangalle 


400 Siamese and European musketeers and pikemen[1]

8000-200,00 Siamese[1]
40-60 Europeans[1]
1 English ship (The Herbert)[1]

60 barges
22 Galleys


50 Makassar fighters
1 galley


100-200 Makassar fighters
Casualties and losses


366 Siamese and Europeans killed Ayutthaya:

17 Europeans killed[1]

About 1000 Siamese killed[1]


17 Makassars killed[1] Galley captured


All Makassars killed and captured[1]

The revolt was led by a Prince of the Makassars who settled in Ayutthaya after the Dutch Empire had invaded his kingdom in the Celebes. The Makassar Prince, goaded by princes of Champa and supported by some Malays whose quarter neighbours his own, plotted to overthrow King Narai and seize control of the Kingdom with a puppet ruler; one of his own brothers, who would be pliant to his political and religious demands, such as conversion to Islam.[1] However, the plot was uncovered when another Champa Prince; a palace officer and brother to the conspirators refused to participate in their upheaval and instead informed Narai’s Greek minister Constantine Phaulkon, who alerts the King of the plot. Attempts of maintaining peace and order, as well as negotiations proved futile and the revolt was suppressed with a force consisting of Siamese and primarily English and French allies after intense fighting in Bangkok and Ayutthaya.[1]


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