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Macarius is a Latinized form of a Greek given name Makários (Μακάριος). The old Greek word μακάριος makarios (mak-ar'-ee-os) is a prolonged form of the poetical μάκαρ makar (of the same meaning); supremely blessed, by extension fortunate, well off, blessed, happy.

In other languages the name has the following forms:

  • Finnish: the given name Kari or Karri. Derived surname: Mäkäräinen.
  • Greek: Makarios
  • Italian: Macario, which is also a family name
  • Portuguese: Macário
  • Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian: Makar (Макар) or its archaic/Church Slavonic form Makariy (Макарий), -ий being a common Russian language rendering of Greek and Latin suffixes -ios/-ius/-ium. Makariy is still in use in the context of the Russian Orthodox Church, which uses Church Slavonic traditions. Derived surnames: Makarov/Makarova, Makarenko, Makarchuk, Makarevich.
  • Serbian: Makarije/Макарије
  • Romanian: Macarescu (surname)
  • French: Macaire

People named MacariusEdit