Makaleha Mountains

The Makaleha Mountains (pronounced [ˈmɐkəˈlɛhə] or [ˈmɐtəˈlɛhə] in Hawaiian) are a mountain range in Kauai County on the eastern side of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The highest point is approximately 3,215 feet (980 meters) above sea level.

Makaleha Mountains
Makaleha Mountains as seen from Moalepe Trail.jpg
Makalea Mountains as seen from Moalepe Trail (2018 photograph)
Highest point
Elevation3,215 ft (980 m)
CountryUnited States
Range coordinates22°7′N 159°25′W / 22.117°N 159.417°W / 22.117; -159.417Coordinates: 22°7′N 159°25′W / 22.117°N 159.417°W / 22.117; -159.417

The derivation of the place name Makaleha is the Hawaiian word makaleha (from maka "eye" and leha "to lift up") meaning "to wonder at; to admire" or "to lift the eyebrows, as in wonder or admiration".[1][2]

Makaleha pritchardia or Pritchardia hardyi is an endangered species of Arecaceae palm tree that is endemic to Hawaiian tropical rainforests on Kauai. In 1998 only 30 individuals remained in the wild along Powerline Trail between Wailua and Princeville.[3]


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