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Majid (born 1975) is a Danish rapper of Moroccan-Berber origin. Residing in Avedøre near Copenhagen, Denmark he was a contributor to Danish act Outlandish, which also hails from Brøndby Strand. Majid contributed to their tours and performed as a special guest in the warm-up for their acts.[1]

In addition to his contributions to Outlandish, he released a solo album Life Knowledge Poetry in 2004.[citation needed]




  • 2004: Life Knowledge Poetry

Track list

  1. "Intro"
  2. "First Breath"
  3. "Life"
  4. "Past, Present, Future"
  5. "My Way"
  6. "What We Are"
  7. "Without U"
  8. "Interlude"
  9. "Knowledge" (feat. Carolus)
  10. "Where We're From"
  11. "Still Burning"
  12. "My Struggle"
  13. "Somebody to Lean On" (feat. Burhan G)
  14. "New Love"
  15. "El Campo" (feat. Outlandish & Burhan G)
  16. "Poetry"

Collaborations / tracks with OutlandishEdit

Track Album Credits
"Mano A Mano" Outland's Official Outlandish feat. Majid
"Fatima's Hand" Outlandish feat. Majid
"CPH Moro" Outlandish feat. Majid & Creative
"Renovadores" Outlandish feat. Majid, Acorn & Jokeren
"Fatima's Hand" Bread & Barrels of Water Outlandish feat. Majid
"El Moro" Outlandish feat. Majid
"A Donkey Named Cheetah" Outlandish feat. Majid
"Past, Present, Future" Beats, Rhymes & Life Outlandish feat. Majid
"Una Palabra" Closer Than Veins Outlandish feat. Majid

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