Maintenance Operations Protocol

The Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) is used for utility services such as uploading and downloading system software, remote testing and problem diagnosis. It was a proprietary protocol of Digital Equipment Corporation. MOP frames can be one of the following commands:[1]

Command Description
[memory load data] Contains memory load data.
[mem load request] Request for memory load segment.
[mem load w/addr] Memory load with transfer address.
[par load w/addr] Parameter load with transfer address.
[dump service req] Request for assistance with dump operation.
[mem dump request] Request for next memory dump segment.
[memory dump data] Contains memory dump data.
[dump completed] Acknowledgment of dump completion.
[volunteer assist] Offer of dump/load/loop assistance.
[request program] Request for system or loader program.
[rem boot request] Request for boot program.
[remote ID reqst] Request for remote console identification.
[remote system ID] Remote console identification information.
[counters request] Request for communication information counters.
[counters reply] Communication information counters.
[reserve console] Remote console in reserved state.
[release console] Release of remote console from reserved state.
[rem console poll] Poll of remote console for status.
[rem console rply] Response to remote console poll.
[loopback request] Request to loopback enclosed data.
[loopback reply] Response to loopback request with data.

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