Maicol & Manuel

Maicol & Manuel (Miguel Muñoz and Manuel A. Pérez) were a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo. They have their origins in the first wave of reggaeton artists as early as 1991.[1][2] The duo have released countless songs on many various artists compilations. In addition they have recorded and released albums such as Yakaleo and El Desquite.

Maicol & Manuel
OriginPuerto Rico
Years active1991–2016
MembersMiguel Muñoz
Manuel A. Pérez


A bit of controversy arose in 2006 when Hector El Father's single, "El Telefono", was released from his album Los Rompe Discotekas. The song, which featured Wisin & Yandel, became an instant hit but soon after it was released, a much older song began circulating on the Internet which featured the same chorus. The song was the original "El Telefono", which was released by Maicol & Manuel many years ago.[3] This became a popular topic among reggaeton forums during the year, as Hector had a history of "copying" other artists' songs in his own without proper credit. It was not known, however, if Maicol & Manuel had sold the rights to the song or if Hector had used it without permission.

A popular track was soon released which was recorded in the same matter as a diss record Cam'ron released towards Jay-Z. The track showcased various verses that Hector has used from other artists, as well as the original verses sung or rapped by their original artists. The song was titled "Hector El Copion". Some of the artists from the track "Hector El Copion" are Eddie Dee, O.G.M. and Oakley. After this wave of controversy, Maicol & Manuel, along with Alberto Stylee and Nano MC, released a version of "El Telefono", with a much more modern beat than the original, dissing Hector and Wisin & Yandel.

Maicol & Manuel then temporarily split and started developing music as solo artists. Maicol signed to the Diririri Business record label, while Manuel operated independently at Yakaleo Music. They are currently staging a comeback together, releasing many underground songs of a different style than their songs from 2002 and 2003. With DJ Blass (Sandunguero), they made a more underground style of reggaeton. They announced that "Back To The Underground: Yakaliando Edition" was going to be released on September 27, 2013. However it was then delayed until October 3, 2013.


Studio albumsEdit


  • "Somos de la Calle"
  • "No Hay Ley"
  • "Como los Tiempos de Antes"
  • "Hey Lady"
  • "Quiero Estar Contigo" featuring Ñejo y Dalmata
  • "Tú Y Yo" featuring Ñejo y Dalmata
  • "Yalakeo" featuring Lito y Polaco
  • "Te Ando Buscando" featuring Plan B
  • "Tu Me Tienes Loco"
  • "Bebe"
  • "Chocopop" featuring Jowell & Randy
  • "Yo Quiero"
  • "Si tu la Ves"
  • "Ataka" featuring various artists
  • "Pan Pan (A Lo Under)"
  • "Sacudelo" featuring Jowell & Randy
  • "Matraca" featuring Jowell (Back to the Underground)
  • "Ando" featuring Jowell & Randy


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