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Witchy PreCure![1] (魔法つかいプリキュア!, Mahōtsukai Purikyua!, lit. "Witch Pretty Cure"), also known as Maho Girls PreCure!,[2] is a 2016 Japanese anime television series by Toei Animation and the thirteenth installment in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure metaseries, featuring the eleventh generation of Cures.[3] The series, which is being directed by Masato Mitsuka and written by Isao Murayama with character design by Emiko Miyamoto,[4] aired on ANN television stations between February 2016 and January 2017, succeeding Go! Princess PreCure in its initial timeslot, and is succeeded by Kirakira PreCure a la Mode. The series' main topic is friendship, while the series’ motifs are magic and jewelry.[5]

Maho Girls PreCure!
Key visual of the series featuring Cure Miracle, Cure Magical and Cure Felice.
(Mahōtsukai Purikyua!)
GenreMagical girl
Anime television series
Directed byMasato Mitsuka
Written byIsao Murayama
Music byHiroshi Takaki
StudioToei Animation
Original networkANN (ABC)
Original run February 7, 2016 January 29, 2017
Episodes50 (List of episodes)
Written byIzumi Todo
Illustrated byFutago Kamikita
Published byKodansha
Original runMarch 2016February 2017
Anime film
Witchy Pretty Cure! The Movie: Wonderous! Cure Mofurun!
StudioToei Animation
ReleasedOctober 29, 2016
Runtime64 minutes
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Mirai Asahina, a thirteen-year-old girl who is excited by various things, goes with her stuffed bear, Mofurun, to investigate a mysterious object that fell from the sky. There, she meets a young magician named Riko who is searching for something known as the Linkle Stone Emerald. When dark servants of Dokuroxy come seeking the Linkle Stone Emerald, Mirai and Riko join hands with Mofurun and transform into the legendary magicians known as the Pretty Cures to fight against them. Thus, Mirai joins Riko in attending Magic School, where they must learn how to use magic while also fighting off Dokuroxy's minions.[4]


Pretty Cures and alliesEdit

The Witchy Pretty Cures are legendary magicians who once fought against evil, each possessing immensely powerful magic and items called "Linkle Stones" (リンクルストーン, Rinkuru Sutōn). Today, Mirai and Riko both inherit the powers of the legendary magicians in order to search for the Emerald Linkle Stone. All magicians in the Magical World can perform spells with their wands by chanting the phrase "Cure Up RaPaPa!" (キュアップ・ラパパ!, Kyuappu RaPaPa!). Using the power of the Linkle Stones, Mirai and Riko can transform into Pretty Cures by holding hands with Mofurun and chanting "Miracle Magical Jewelry" (ミラクル・マジカル・ジュエリーレ, Mirakuru Majikaru Juerīre), and can perform purifying attacks with the Linkle Stick (リンクルステッキ, Rinkuru Sutekki). By using different Linkle Stones, the Cures can transform into four different styles; Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz, allowing them to use different kinds of magic. Cure Felice uses the Linkle Smartbook (リンクルスマホン, Rinkuru Sumahon) and Linkle Stone Emerald to transform with chanting "Felice Fun Fun Flowerle" (フェリーチェ・ファンファン・フラワーレ, Ferīche Fan Fan Furawāre) and attacks with Flower Echo Wand (フラワーエコーワンド, Furawā Ekō Wando). Later, they receive the Rainbow Carriage (レインボーキャリッジ, Reinbō Kyarijji) to use more powerful attacks later in the series, and the new Over The Rainbow/Alexandrite Style.

Mirai Asahina (朝日奈 みらい, Asahina Mirai) / Cure Miracle (キュアミラクル, Kyua Mirakuru)
Voiced by: Rie Takahashi[6]
A thirteen-year-old middle school student living in the human world called Tsunagi (津成木, Tsunagi), referred to by magicians as the No Magic Realm (ナシマホウ界, Nashimahō Kai). She is a lovely and energetic girl who is interested in many things, especially magicians and witches. Though she has no friends, she usually goes out with her stuffed bear Mofurun in all places until she meets Riko. After she and Riko became Pretty Cures, she begins attending magic school. Her family runs an accessories and jewelry shop. Following Deusmast's death, she enrolls into college.
As Cure Miracle, she is the Pretty Cure of Miracles and introduces herself as "The miracle of the duo! Cure Miracle!" (ふたりの奇跡!キュアミラクル!, Futari no Kiseki! Kyua Mirakuru!). Her theme color is pink, while her style's colors are red, blue and yellow.
Riko Izayoi[7][8] (十六夜 リコ, Izayoi Riko) / Cure Magical (キュアマジカル, Kyua Majikaru)
Voiced by: Yui Horie[6]
A mysterious thirteen-year-old girl hailing from the Magic World and attends the Magic School (魔法学校, Mahō Gakkō). Though she is good at studying and often believes her calculations to be correct, she is not that good at casting magic on her own and often has trouble riding her broom. After her world is targeted by the Dark Magicians, she decides to search for the Linkle Stone Emerald, only for her to meet up with Mirai for the first time. Her elder sister Liz is the one who gave her the Diamond Linkle Stone and she wants to surpass her to become a famous witch. After passed the test, she was allowed to leave her homeland and follow Mirai to No Magic World when she learns the other Linkle Stones are hidden in No Magic World. She later enrolls in Tsunagi First Middle School (津成木第一中学校, Tsunagi Daiichi Chūgakkō) with Mirai when she is in No Magic World and she lives with Mirai and the rest of her family. Following Deusmast's death, she stays in Magic World until she reunited with Mirai and Kotoha. It was revealed that she became a teacher at Magic School.
As Cure Magical, she is the Pretty Cure of Magic and introduces herself as "The magic of the duo! Cure Magical!" (ふたりの魔法!キュアマジカル!, Futari no Mahō! Kyua Majikaru!). Her theme color is purple, while her style's colors are red, blue and yellow.
Ha-chan (はーちゃん, Hā-chan) / Kotoha Hanami (花海 ことは, Hanami Kotoha) / Cure Felice (キュアフェリーチェ, Kyua Ferīche)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami[9]
A mysterious baby fairy who resides in the Linkle Smartbook. As the series progress, her age rapidly grows and began to speak. By eating food that comes from using Linkle Stones with the Linkle Smartbook, she can change into various forms, each with their own abilities. Spalda believed that she might be related to the Linkle Stones during their first encounter, especially to the Emerald Linkle Stone. She disappeared along with Kushi after the battle. She appears as a girl named Kotoha Hanami during her encounter with the Cures and rescue them as Cure Felice, they were unaware of her identity as Ha-chan before seeing her image as they reunited with each other. She was also allowed to live at Mirai's house along with Riko. Oruba reveals that her powers are inherited by Mother Rapapa. She remains her current age after Deusmast's death.
As Cure Felice, she is the Pretty Cure of Happiness and introduces herself as "A blessing upon all forms of life! Cure Felice!" (あまねく生命に祝福を!キュアフェリーチェ!, Amaneku Inochi ni Shukufuku o! Kyua Ferīche!). Her theme color is green.
Mofurun (モフルン, Mofurun) / Cure Mofurun (キュアモフルン, Kyua Mofurun)
Voiced by: Ayaka Saitō[6]
A teddy bear given to Mirai by her grandmother after she was born, who Mirai treats as a dear friend. Following Mirai and Riko's first transformation into Pretty Cures, Mofurun comes to life, serving as the girls' transformation device. Mofurun can detect the presence of other Linkle Stones as a sweet scent and often ends sentences with "mofu". In the film Witchy PreCure! the Movie: The Miraculous Transformation! Cure Mofurun!, they receive an exclusive Pretty Cure form named Cure Mofurun through the powers of the Linkle Stone Mofurun, and later the Linkle Stone Heartful. In this form, they can properly fight alongside the other cures and also can gain similar styles through different Linkle Stones. Cure Mofurun can also summon the Rainbow Carriage at will and unlock the Heartful Styles for them and the other cures for the final attack: the Heartful Rainbow.
As Cure Mofurun, she is the Pretty Cure of Wishes and introduces herself as "Fluffy Mofurun! Cure Mofurun!" (モフモフモフルン!キュアモフルン!, Mofumofu Mofurun! Kyua Mofurun!). Her theme color is yellow.

Magic SchoolEdit


Headmaster (校長, Kōchō)
Voiced by: Yūya Uchida
The principal of the Magic School, who is also the greatest magician of the Magic World. When he saw Mirai and Riko transform into Pretty Cure, he proposes that Mirai attends Magic Classes to improve her skills. He met Kanoko when she was young, saving her cat and receiving cookies from her. He becomes older after he battles Dokuroxy in his lair. He was restored to normal along with Magic Crystal after Dokuroxy's demise.
Head Teacher (教頭, Kyōtō)
Voiced by: Yoshino Ohtori
The head teacher of Magic School.
Cathy (キャシー, Kyashī) / Magic Crystal (魔法の水晶, Mahō no Suishō)
Voiced by: Satomi Arai
A mysterious woman who communicates with the Headmaster through a crystal ball. She is very moody as is always being misunderstood by the Head Teacher. She becomes older after she and Headmaster battle Dokuroxy in his lair. She was restored to normal along with Headmaster after Dokuroxy's demise.
Issac (アイザック, Aizakku)
Voiced by: Toshiharu Sakurai
A somewhat forgetful teacher who teaches supplementary classes.
Liz (リズ, Rizu)
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka
Riko's older sister and a teacher trainee at the Magic School,[10] who once owned the Diamond Linkle Stone before giving it to Riko. She is highly skilled at both studies and magic and is often brought on to teach lessons.
Loretta (ロレッタ, Roretta)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi
A teacher in Mermaid's village.


Jun (ジュン, Jun)
Voiced by: Aki Kanada
A blue-haired student who has a tomboyish personality and often skips classes, giving her a bad attendance record.
Emily (エミリー, Emirī)
Voiced by: Chinami Hashimoto
A blonde-haired student who is easily frightened. She winds up in supplementary classes due to being scared of flying her broom in the highest skies with the other students.
Kei (ケイ, Kei)
Voiced by: Maya Yoshioka
An orange-haired student who has two bad habits: she is often tardy and loses her belongings for exams.


Dark MagiciansEdit

The Dark Magicians (闇の魔法つかい, Yami no Mahō Tsukai) are the main antagonists of the first half of the series, whose goal is to acquire the Linkle Stone Emerald so their leader Dokuroxy can conquer the Magic World and the No Magic World with his dark magic. They also want the Linkle Smarthon after discovering Ha-chan's power. With the exception of Dokuroxy, his subordinates were originally animals which he infused with his magic to assume humanoid form and act in his stead due to his physical condition.

Dokuroxy (ドクロクシー, Dokurokushī) / Kushi (クシィ, Kushii)
Voiced by: Yōsuke Akimoto (Dokuroxy), Yuichi Nakamura (Kushi)
The main antagonist in the first half of the series and leader of Dark Magicians, a power-hungry skeleton magician with great magical prowess yet is firmly stationed on his throne due to his ailing physical constitution. Dokuroxy rarely moves or talks with Yamoh the only one to interpret his body movements as commands. In truth, Kushi was originally a Magic School school teacher who a close friend of the Headmaster before obsession in studying magic to prevent a great calamity resulted in him turning to the dark arts which reduced his body into a skeleton with a desire to obtain the Linkle Stone Emerald to dominate the world.
After obtaining the Linkle Stone Emerald and Smartbook, he absorbs their powers to transform into a giant demonic skeleton to fight the Pretty Cure. Yamoh begged him to be absorbed as well, to strengthen him, but even this action could not overpower Pretty Cure. Kushi's spirit leaves his body as it breaks apart, Yamoh using the remains to create a more powerful Yokubal.
As a skeleton, his mostly passive role makes his personality hard to describe, but his actions sometimes remind of his past kindness. He gave animals the gift of magic, making them able to become powerful magicians on their own. He also kept a photo of the Headmaster and himself in the book of dark magic that he wrote. Finally, his ghost returned to the effigy Yamoh made of him, aiding his subordinates in battle once more, then disappearing for good.
Yamoh (ヤモー, Yamō)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Takato
A humanoid gecko and Dokuroxy's second-in-command. An eccentric short-sized clairvoyant, his fancy garments and curly white hair remind of western fashion in the period 1700–1750. He can predict using his cauldron. He is in charge of leading the others under Dokuroxy's order, and can interpret Dokuroxy's body movements. He often worries about Dokuroxy's health, and wants nothing more than his master succeeding in his goals.
He was absorbed by Dokuroxy during Dokuroxy's final fight with Pretty Cure, but lost his tail before. Out of the remains of the tail, he was revived by Labut with a slightly altered appearance - his garments are simpler, darker in colour and his hair is loose. Appalled by Dokuroxy's demise, he uses Dokuroxy's bones to creates stronger Yokubal and seeks revenge. He also makes an effigy of Dokuroxy and reports his progress to it. He uses Dokuroxy's last bone to fuse himself into a Yokubal to capture Kotoha, and thus, the Linkle Stone Emerald. But he ends up defeated as well, and becomes a regular gecko again. Even in this moment, he seeks the company of the effigy. He shows up together with the effigy and along with the rest of his group is fused into a Yokubal by Batty to fight Oruba's Don Yokubal. After this, he left together with Batty, still in his animal form.
He was restored back into his humanoid form by his love for his master after witnessing his return, or so it seems. The last remaining bone of Dokurokushe was the tooth Yamoh pulled out a long time ago after it had a cavity. The spirit remaining in the tooth revived into an entity who loves sweets and resembles the effigy Yamoh created. Chikurun supports Yamoh by supplying him with honey to make this version of Dokurokushe happy.
Batty (バッティ, Batti)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa
A polite humanoid bat dressed up in formal attire, with a long cape that allows him to fly. He deems Yamoh suspicious and accuses him of making up his orders. Dokuroxy then finally talks to Batty and powers him up, and he becomes highly loyal towards Dokuroxy and is depressed due to not being able to protect his master, calling himself a failure. Batty is attentive to his teammates, observing their respective final fights and taking them to their lair when they reverted to their animal forms. Spalda and Gamets, in their animal forms, lend him their wands to transform him into a powerful monster, and after his defeat he still keeps his humanoid form. When he tries to grab the Linkle Stone Emerald, its extracted his magic and reverted him to his original state before being found Spalda and restored to his human form by Oruba. But Batty, feeling depressed, does not want to fight anymore. When Oruba mocks dark magic, he gets fired up again and defeats Oruba's Don Yokubal with a Yokubal combined from all his friends. He then leaves with them. Following Deusmast's death, he started to enroll at the Magic School.
Spalda (スパルダ, Suparuda)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi
A cunning tactician and humanoid spider, who uses webs to snatch objects and for combat purposes. She is very direct and somewhat rude in personality. She loves dark magic and is the most invested in Dokurokuxy's idea of a world ruled by it. Spalda experiments with her magic, including living beings in it at times and pioneering fusing oneself into Yokubal. While a tactician, her decisions are reckless, as the Yokubal fusion ended up hurting her and she struggled to control it. Pretty Cure defeated her in this form, and she becomes a regular spider. She was taken home by Batty.
Later in the series, Oruba, seeking to learn more about dark magic, gave her back her humanoid form. She seemingly acts as his loyal servant, but it turns out to be a ploy to resurrect her teammates and steal Dokuroxy's book from Oruba. Oruba turns her back into a regular spider, but she becomes part of a Yokubal fusion that defeats Oruba's Don Yokubal. After that, she leaves with Batty and the others.
Gamets (ガメッツ, Gamettsu)
Voiced by: Jouji Nakata
A humanoid turtle and strong soldier, dubbing himself a magic warrior instead of a magician. He dresses up like a Roman legionary and seeks fights like with the Precure mainly to test his strength. He stole the Linkle Stone Garnet and uses a secret magic to make himself very tall and more nimble, bursting his shell in the process. In this form, he challenged the Cures to fight him on a remote island. Following his defeat, he is satisfied by his defeat as he reverts to his original state. After being revived by Oruba, Spalda goads Gamets into standing against Pretty Cure by using group's third member as incentive. He is angry at Oruba and tries to fight him together with Spalda when Oruba interrupts this "sacred battle" with Cure Felice. He is turned back into a regular turtle and becomes part of the Yokubal fusion that defeats Oruba's Don Yokubal. After that, he leaves with Batty and the others.


Deusmast (デウスマスト, Deusumasuto) is the main antagonist of the later half of series, an evil chaos deity that consumes worlds whose foretold return played in Kushi's transformation into Dokuroxy. Deusmast came into being from the fusion of four god-like magical beings known as the Never Ending Chaos (終わりなき混沌, Owarinaki Konton) who each possess the reality-bending power of Mugic (ムホー, Muhō). Though Mother Rapapa sealed Deusmast in the sun, the Dark Magicians' actions enabled Deusmast to create constructs in the form of the Endless Chaos members who prepare Earth for Deusmast's eventual return. Though three of the Endless Chaos members were sent back to the sun, the seal eventually broke and a reconstituted Deusmast fused the No Magic World and Magic World into one. But Deusmast was defeated when the Cures manage to defeat them with Extreme Rainbow, separating the worlds while sending the sealed Deusmast into deep space. Deusmast talks with all four voices of the Endless Chaos members, who form the orb-like eyes resolving around his body.

Labut (ラブー, Rabū)
Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta
The first of the Never Ending Chaos the Precure encountered, a sly and easygoing genie who considered himself superior of magicians due to his innate level of mugic and ability to bend reality with a snap of his fingers. Labut emerged from his lamp following Dokuroxy's demise and revived Yamoh to do his dirty work in destroying the Cures for him before using Don Yokubal after the Dark Magician failed him. Labut later takes battles into his hands by throwing the Cures into a different dimension where he showed his true god-like form, eventually separating them into different parts of the dimension. After Mirai saved her teammates, they defeated him in their Over the Rainbow forms with his essence sent into the sun. Though revived and becoming 1/4 of Deusmast, Labut is sealed away into space again when Cures defeated Deusmast as a whole.
Shakince (シャーキンス, Shākinsu)
Voiced by: Shō Hayami
A serious and quiet tengu-like man who is dressed up in traditional Japanese clothing and talks like a soldier. He orders Chikurun to steal Linkle Stones for him. He then enlarges himself and swallow the Linkle Stones but Chikurun retrieved them again. He injured Chikurun, the Cures' feelings for Chikurun let them overpower him before they defeat him with Extreme Rainbow. Though revived and becoming 1/4 of Deusmast, Shakince is sealed away into space again when Cures defeated Deusmast as a whole.
Benigyo (ベニーギョ, Benīgyo)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
A Raijin-like woman who possesses the lightning-based powers, teleporting with it. Her speech reminds of a gyaru. She wears armour on her arms and legs and is surrounded by a red, thorny halo. She is the only one left after her comrades kept losing to Pretty Cure. During the final battle, she used her teammates' powers to assume her demonic form to fight the Cures, she is almost defeated, until she becomes 1/4 of Deusmast, making her the only member to never be defeated by the Cures until she is fused. Benigyo was sealed into space again when the Cures defeated Deusmast.
Oruba (オルーバ, Orūba)
Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama
A cold and condescending figure in the form of a fallen angel who seeks to study his enemies first before attacking them. He manipulated Chikurun into working for him. He stole Dokuroxy's book and uses it to revive the Magician Trio so he can study dark magic. He confronts the Cures, but was betrayed by Spalda, who tries to steal the book back after he started to mock dark magic and her old master. He assumed his demonic form to turn Spalda and Gamets back into their animal forms for their betrayal and the Cures finished him with Extreme Rainbow, but he still manages to revive his Endless Chaos comrades around the world with Dokuroxy's book. Though revived, Oruba is sealed into space again when Cures defeated Deusmast.


Yokubal (ヨクバール, Yokubāru)
Voiced by: Takahiro Shimada, Shota Yamamoto (Don Yokubal)
The monsters of the series, created by the Dark Magicians with dark magic by fusing two objects together by using a wand with a skull head. A new Yokubal has a red skull and were created by using Dokuroxy's bones. A further new Yokubal called Don Yokubal, who were created by Endless Chaos' generals with a round shaped face. Another Yokubal created by Magician Trio now have black skull and they are more powerful than the usual Yokubal. Their name "yokubaru" (欲張る) means covetousness while Don Yokubal (貪欲) means "greed" and "avarice".


Chikurun (チクルン, Chikurun)
Voiced by: NEEKO

A bee fairy from Fairy Village serving Oruba as his spy to get information on the Cures to get information about them, taking an interest in Mofurun. When Chikurun steals the Linkle Stones, the fairy was exposed as a spy. After Chikurun retrieved back the Linkle Stones from Shakince, the fairy was forgiven. It remained in his homeland. Later on, it provides Yamoh with honey in order to make Dokuromushe, the spirit of Dokurokushe's sweet tooth, happy.

Other charactersEdit

Kanoko Yuki (結希かの子, Yūki Kanoko)
Voiced by: Kotoe Taichi
Mirai's grandmother, who gave her Mofurun after she was born. She is very caring and always believes Mirai's stories about magicians. She met the Headmaster when she was young and saved her cat.
Kyoko Asahina (朝日奈今日子, Asahina Kyōko)
Voiced by: Yuko Kato
Mirai's mother.
Daikichi Asahina (朝日奈大吉, Asahina Daikichi)
Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Aoki
Mirai's father, who is a Consumer Electronics Maker.
François (フランソワ, Furansowa)
Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita (ep 3 to ep 28), Makoto Ishii (ep 38 onwards)
A wizard who sells uniforms.
Gustav (グスタフ, Gusutafu)
Voiced by: Masafumi Kimura
A wizard who sells Magic Brooms.
Todd (トッド, Toddo)
Voiced by: Yuto Suzuki
A wizard who sells fruits and vegetables.
Hook (フック, Fukku)
Voiced by: Mitsuo Senda
An elder wizard who likes to spread rumors.
Dorothy (ドロシー, Doroshī), Nancy (ナンシー, Nanshī) & Cissy (シシー, Shishī)
Voiced by: Keiko Kobayashi, Miharu Sawada, Naomi Ozora
Resident of Mermaid's Village. Following Deusmast's death, they enroll to Magic School.
Kana Katsuki (勝木かな, Katsuki Kana), Mayumi Nagase (長瀬まゆみ, Nagase Mayumi), Souta Ono (大野壮太, Ōno Sōta) & Yuto Namiki (並木ゆうと, Namiki Yūto)
Voiced by: Mika Kikuchi, Konomi Tada, Koji Takahashi, Ayaka Asai
Mirai and Riko's friends and classmates.
Takagi (高木, Takagi)
Voiced by: Kento Fujinuma
Mirai and Riko's homeroom teacher.
Lien (リアン, Rian)
Voiced by: Masato Obara
A famous archaeologist in the Magic World and Riko's father.
Lilia (リリア, Riria)
Voiced by: Junko Iwao
A famous cooking expert in the Magic World and Riko's mother.
Queen (女王, Joō)
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamamoto
The current queen of the Fairy Village.
Legend Queen (レジェンド女王, Rejendo Joō)
Voiced by: Yoshiko Ota
The former queen of the Fairy Village.
Mother Rapapa (マザー・ラパーパ, Mazā Rapāpa)
The protector of earth. She sealed Deusmast and his minions before losing her powers, thus creating both Magical Realm and Non-Magic Realm. Her powers were inherited to Kotoha.

Movie CharactersEdit

Kumata (クマタ, Kumata)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
A black bear who wish to help people but flee because they fear him, this makes him bear a vendetta towards people and brainwashed by Dark Matter to take an appearance of adult bear wearing a mask. He captures Mofurun to help her make her wish come true but she escapes. He takes the form of a young bear to manipulate Mofurun until he reveals himself. He attacks the Cures but Mofurun lets herself be defeated to make him snap out of it. Dark Matter come out of his body and he help the Cures to face Dark Matter. After Dark Matter's death, he bid farewell to everyone and stay at Bear Village.
Dark Matter (ダークマター, Dāku Matā)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
The main antagonist of the film. An evil entity who brainwashes Kumata until Kumata strike Mofurun and force him to reveal his true form. The Cures, with the help of Kumata, enter Dark Matter's body and defeat him with Heartful Rainbow.
Shadow Matter (シャドウマター, Shadou Matā)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
This is what Dark Matter/Kumata's magic power turns into when he realizes what he's done to Mofurun. The giant shadow creates magic circles everywhere in the Magic World from which lightning strikes that cancels magic and turns people into stone statues. When the girls, with the help of everyone's Miracle Light wishes, revive Mofurun and transform back into Cures, the giant shadow focuses on attacking them instead. With the help of the flare dragon, they break into the giant shadow and find an evil magic version of Dark Matter, Shadow Matter inside. After a fierce battle using all their transformations, the Cures use Mofurun's new Heartful Linkle Stone to perform Heartful Rainbow and defeat it.
Shadows (カゲ, Kage)
Dark Matter's magic helpers. He summons them when he attacks the Grand Magic Festival and again when Mofurun runs away from his lair. Some of them possessed the Flare Dragon and turned it into a Shadow Dragon. After Kumata loses his magic power, it turns into a giant version of these shadows.
Flare Dragon (フレアドラゴン, Furea Doragon) / Shadow Dragon (カゲドラゴン, Kage Doragon)
Voiced by: Shota Yamamoto
A flare dragon who performs tricks in the Grand Magic Festival's Circus Balloon. Kotoha is able to communicate with it and together they spew a fireball and turn it into fireworks. When Dark Matter disrupts the festival and abducts both the Wishing Stone and Mofurun, he also turns the Flare Dragon into a Shadow Dragon and flies away on it. Later, when the girls are looking for Mofurun, the Shadow Dragon shows up again and attacks them. Being the only one left who can do so, Kotoha transforms into Cure Felice and distracts it while the others go ahead to Dark Matter's lair. When Cure Mofurun is fighting an enraged Dark Matter while Mirai frees Riko, Cure Felice returns together with the Flare Dragon. The others are surprised to see it, but Felice explains how she discovered that the Shadow Dragon was actually the Flare Dragon, possessed by Dark Matter's shadows. She used Pink Tourmaline to get rid it of the shadows. After that, the Flare Dragon helps the Cures fly out of Dark Matter's lair. Later, it helps them break into the giant shadow to battle its core Pure Shadow Matter.
Bears (森のくま, Mori no Kuma)
They live in the forest. Mofurun meets them when she escapes from Dark Matter's lair, and quickly becomes good friends with them. When Kumata shows up, they all flee or hide because they're afraid of his magic power. Mofurun is the only one who isn't scared of magic. When everyone is wishing for Mofurun to come back alive and shouting "Cure Up・RaPaPa!", the bears join in with "Kumappu・KuMaMa!". At the end of the movie, Kumata is accepted as one of them.



The series was first revealed via a trademark filing posted on October 19, 2015,[3] and was publicly announced on November 26, 2015.[5] The series aired on all ANN television stations between February 7, 2016 and January 29, 2017. The series was pitched to licensors at AnimeJapan 2016 under the English name Witchy Pretty Cure, but an English adaptation has yet to be announced.[11]


The Witchy Pretty Cure have appeared in the following crossover films: Pretty Cure All Stars: Singing with Everyone♪ Miraculous Magic!, PreCure Dream Stars!, PreCure Super Stars!, and Hugtto! PreCure Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories.[12] A film based on the series, titled Witchy Pretty Cure! The Movie: Wonderous! Cure Mofurun (映画 魔法つかいプリキュア! 奇跡の変身!キュアモフルン!, Eiga Mahōtsukai Purikyua!: Kiseki no Henshin! Kyua Mofurun!), including a fully CG animated short titled Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Magic Lesson! (キュアミラクルとモフルンの魔法レッスン!, Kyua Mirakuru to Mofurun no Mahō Ressun!) was released on October 29, 2016.


In the first 21 episodes, the opening theme is "Dokkin♢Mahōtsukai PreCure!" (Dokkin♢魔法つかいプリキュア!, Exciting Maho Girls PreCure!) composed by Aiko Okumura and performed by Rie Kitagawa, who previously performed the ending themes for Go! Princess PreCure, while the ending theme is "Cure Up↑ Ra♡Pa☆Pa!~ Hohoemi ni Naru Mahō ~" (CURE UP↑RA♡PA☆PA!〜ほほえみになる魔法〜, Cure Up↑ Ra♡Pa☆Pa! ~Magic to Make You Smile~) composed by Akifumi Tada and performed by Rie Takahashi and Yui Horie.[13] From episode 22 onwards, the opening theme is "Dokkin♢Mahōtsukai PreCure! Part 2" (Dokkin♢魔法つかいプリキュア! Part 2, Exciting Maho Girls PreCure! Part 2) performed by Rie Kitagawa and the ending theme is called "Mahō Ara Dōmo!" (魔法アラ・ドーモ!, Magic Âla・Thanks) performed by Rie Takahashi, Yui Horie and Saori Hayami. The music is composed by Hiroshi Takaki, who previously composed the music for DokiDoki! PreCure, HappinessCharge PreCure!, and Go! Princess PreCure. The single was released on March 2, 2016 by Marvelous! featuring the theme songs from the first 21 episodes. The first official soundtrack of the series, titled PreCure♡Miracle☆Sound!! was released on May 25, 2016 along with the vocal album on July 13, 2016 with the title Linkle☆Melodies. The single for the second opening and ending theme was released on August 10, 2016. On November 23, 2016, the second official soundtrack of the series was released, titled PreCure☆Magical♡Sound!!.


A manga adaptation illustrated by Futago Kamikita began serialization in Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine from February 3, 2016.[14]


Bandai released various merchandise during the series including watches, bags, and transformation items.

Witchy PreCure! will also be branded as official Tokyo 2020 mascots as merchandise, along with other well known anime series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto and Sailor Moon.[15]


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