Mahipala (or Mahipala I; r. 988–1038) was a notable king of the Pala dynasty, which ruled over much of the eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent between the 8th and 12th centuries. He was the son and successor of Vigrahapala II. Mahipala's reign marked a resurgence in fortunes for the Pala empire, whose boundaries were expanded as far as Varanasi. However, his rule was temporarily hampered by the northern expedition of the Chola Emperor, Rajendra I.[1][2]

Coin of the Pala Empire, Mahipala I and later. c.988–1161
Pala Emperor
PredecessorVigrahapala II
FatherVigrahapala II

Mahipala was succeeded by his son, Nayapala.[3]

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Preceded by Pala Emperor
988–1038 CE
Succeeded by