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Maharao is a variation on the Indian (mainly Hindu) royal title Maharaja, also meaning 'Great king' in Hindi. It is composed of Maha- 'great' and the royal title Rao, a variation on Raja.


Ruler title in British IndiaEdit

Salute states (all in present India)Edit

The gun salutes enjoyed by princely states that acceded to the Dominion of India on 14 August 1947, included the following Maharaos:

  • Hereditary salute of 17-guns (19-guns local): the Maharao of Cutch (=Kachchh =Kutch)
  • Hereditary salute of 17-guns: the Maharao of Kotah
  • Hereditary salute of 17-guns: the Maharao of Bundi

Non-salute statesEdit

(probably quite incomplete)

Compound ruler titlesEdit

  • Maharao Raja of Bundi
  • Maharao of Alwar till April 1889, since

Other useEdit