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Maharaja Jaswant Singh (26 December 1629 – 28 December 1678) was a ruler of Marwar in the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan. His father was Maharaja Gaj Singh. He was a distinguished man of letters and author of "Siddhant-bodh", "Anand Vilas" and "Bhasa-bhusan"

Maharaja Jaswant Singh
Ruler of Marwar
Jaswant Singh of Marwar.jpg
Jaswant Singh of Marwar
Ruler of Marwar
Reign6 May 1638 – 28 November 1678
Coronation25 May 1638
PredecessorMaharaja Gaj Singh
SuccessorMaharaja Ajit Singh
Born(1629-12-26)26 December 1629
Died28 December 1678(1678-12-28) (aged 49)
Jamrud, near Peshawar
SpouseMahamaya and Others
Prithviraj Singh
Ajit Singh
FatherMaharaja Gaj Singh
MotherMaharani Pratap Devi

He was the Subehdar of Assam from 1656-1666.



Jaswant Singh succeeded his father on his death by special decree of the Emperor Shah Jahan, in accordance with his father's wishes, on 6 May 1638. He was invested by Imperial authority and inherited the parganas of Jodhpur, Siwana, Merta, Sojat, Phalodi and Pokaran (Satalmer) in jagir.

He was installed on the gaddi at Sringar Chowki, Mehrangarh, Jodhpur, on 25 May 1638. He was granted the personal title of Maharaja by the Emperor Shah Jahan, on 6 January 1654.

Battle of DharmatpurEdit

In the Battle of Dharmatpur, Jaswant Singh opposed Aurangzeb. The battle was fought on 15 April 1658, fifteen miles from Ujjain. Jaswant could have attacked Aurangzeb but he allowed Murad Bakhsh's armies to join Aurangzeb. He was desirous of beating both Mughal princes at once. This delay allowed Aurangzeb to win over the Mughal General, Kasim Khan, who was sent by Shah Jahan to help Jaswant. Kasim Khan defected as soon as the war started but 30,000 Rathores of Jaswant decided that they would not leave the field. Some prominent generals in Maharaja's army were Mukund Singh Hara of Kotah and Bundi, Dayal Das Jhala, Arjun Gaur of Rajgarh in Ajmer province. Jaswant Singh was also able to win the support of the famous warrior, Ratan Singh Rathore of Ratlam who joined the Maharaja with 6,000 of his cavaliers. Jaswant attacked both Aurangzeb and Murad.[citation needed]

Aurangzeb and Murad defeat the imperial army led by Jaswant Singh at Dharmatpur.[1]

Treatment of Prithviraj Singh by AurangzebEdit

Jaswant died at Jamrud, near Peshawar, on 28 December 1678. At the time of his death two of his wives were pregnant, and both would later bear sons. This led to a war in which there were attempts to install Jaswant Singh's elder surviving son Ajit Singh Rathor as ruler of Marwar.[2]

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Preceded by
Gaj Singh
Maharaja of the Marwar
6 May 1638 – 28 November 1678
Succeeded by
Ajit Singh