Magyar Posta

Magyar Posta Zrt. (Hungarian for "Hungarian Post JSC") or Hungary Post is the postal administration of Hungary. Besides normal mail delivery, Magyar Posta also offers logistics, banking, and marketing services.

Magyar Posta Zrt.
formerly state-owned, Limited company
IndustryPostal Service
Key people
Zoltán Illés, CEO
OwnerState of Hungary
DivisionsMPL (Magyar Posta Logistics)
SubsidiariesPosta Kézbesítő LLC
Postaautó Duna Zrt.
Posta Pénzszolgáltató JSC
JNT Security Logisztikai és Biztonsági LLC


The origin of the Magyar Post was the independent national public institution called Magyar Királyi Posta established in 1867 as part of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867.[1] While at first it used the stamps of the Austrian Empire, in 1871 it issued its own stamps. The Magyar Királyi Posta was the first to experiment with the motorization of the postal conveyances, beginning in 1897. In 1900 they adopted János Csonka's motorized tricycle which continued in use by the postal service until the 1920s.[1]

In 1918 they briefly dropped the Királyi from their name during the First Hungarian Republic (1918-1920), and restored it under the regency beginning in 1920. In 1945 under the provisional government it again became just Magyar Post.

A mailbox in Budapest.

The Magyar Post became an independent agency in 1983. On January 1, 1990, during the change of regime, the unified Magyar Posta was divided into three organizations. The telephone service was spun off into the Hungarian Telecommunications Company, and broadcasting became the Hungarian Broadcasting Company. Magyar Post became a separate and independent corporation under the Minister of Transport. In 1994 it was privatized into a joint-stock corporation with some government ownership. In 2006 it became a private limited liability company.

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