Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick

Coordinates: 46°08′01″N 64°52′55″W / 46.133605°N 64.882035°W / 46.133605; -64.882035

View from the front
View in reverse
Photos of the Magnetic Hill. From the frontal view perspective, the white post in the middle of the 1st picture appears to be the lowest point in the road. When viewed in reverse from the white post, the lowest point is actually behind the car in the foreground of the 2nd picture.

Magnetic Hill is a Canadian neighbourhood in the north-west area of Moncton, New Brunswick. Magnetic Hill is located around the intersection of Route 126 and Route 2. Magnetic Hill is partially within the community of Lutes Mountain.


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The name Magnetic Hill was taken from the area surrounding the Magnetic Hill Phenomenon.[1]

Places of noteEdit

Name Category Built Owner Notes
The Magnetic Hill Visitor Attraction
Magnetic Hill Golf and Country Club Sport
Wharf Village Shoppes & Restaurants Visitor Attraction
Magic Mountain Visitor Attraction
Magic Mountain Mini Putt Visitor Attraction
Magic Mountain Arcade Visitor Attraction
Casino NB Visitor Attraction
Magnetic Hill Zoo Visitor Attraction
Magnetic Hill Concert Site Music Venue
The Boardwalk Complex Visitor Attraction
Magnetic Hill Shopping Area Shopping (Area From Bulman Dr North-East to Moncton City Limits)
Magnetic Hill Estates Residential
Lutes Mountain Heritage Museum Culture
Glad Tidings Pentecostal Religious
Christ Church Religious
Christian Church of Moncton Religious
Glad Tidings Pentecostal Religious
Mount Zion Presbyterian Church Religious

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  1. ^ Neighbourhood in Moncton, Moncton New Brunswick.

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