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Magna Home Entertainment was an independent home entertainment distributor headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, operating within Australia and New Zealand. As of February 2009, Magna Home Entertainment became a fully owned subsidiary of Beyond International (ASX:BYI), an Australian television production and distribution company.[1] Magna Home Entertainment is the sister company of Melbourne-based home entertainment distributor Beyond Home Entertainment, also a subsidiary of Beyond International. Magna Home Entertainment distributes television series, documentaries and feature films.

Magna Home Entertainment
Magna Vision (1983-1990s)
Magna Pacific (1990s-2010s)
SuccessorBeyond Home Entertainment
Area served
Australia, New Zealand
ProductsDVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital Video

Company historyEdit

The company was incorporated in 1983. Principal activities of the company in the 1980s included the import and wholesale distribution of video cassettes, audio cassettes, micro cassettes, and computer equipment. In 1990, the company was publicly listed as Magna Pacific (Holdings) Ltd. During the 1990s, the company expanded its activities into intellectual property licensing, acquiring videogram home entertainment distribution rights for a number of licensed properties. Rapid growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s saw Magna listed in Business Review Weekly's Fast 100 List, as the company expanded its distribution and acquired several key licensed properties that ensured strong growth in home entertainment revenue. Magna followed the industry migration to DVD media during this period, and now releases home entertainment content via DVD, Blu-ray, and digital-file-based distribution. Magna Pacific is a budget distributor known for producing bare-bones media without extras or subtitles.

Distribution facilityEdit

Magna Home Entertainment's headquarters in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, Queensland includes a distribution facility. It opened in July 2006.

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Magna Home Entertainment is a home entertainment distributor for children's brands, television series, documentaries, and feature films.

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