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Magas (Greek: Mάγας) was a Greek Macedonian nobleman that lived in the 4th century BC. His origin is obscure except that he came from region of Eordaea.[1] Little is known on his life.

Magas married the noblewoman Antigone, the child of Cassander and the niece of the powerful Regent Antipater.[2] His marriage to Antigone reveals that Magas was a nobleman of some social status and influence as he married a close relation to the powerful Regent and his wife was a distant collateral relative to the Argead dynasty.[3] After Magas married Antigone, they settled in Eordaea. Antigone born Magas a daughter; his only known child Berenice I of Egypt.[2][3] Magas had two namesakes: his grandson Magas of Cyrene and his great, great grandson Magas of Egypt.


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