Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University

Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University, or simply Bhoj University, is a public university in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India that primarily provides higher education mainly through open and distance learning. It was named after the renowned Indian King, Raja Bhoj.

Bhoj University
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TypePublic University
Academic affiliations
Vice-ChancellorDr. Sanjay Tiwari
Location, ,
23°11′35″N 77°24′47″E / 23.193°N 77.413°E / 23.193; 77.413Coordinates: 23°11′35″N 77°24′47″E / 23.193°N 77.413°E / 23.193; 77.413

History and aimEdit

Bhoj University was formed in 1991 under an act by the state legislature.

This university aims to spread and promote higher education among the underprivileged and has set up study centres in remote rural areas. It has collaboration with institutes like the Rehabilitation Council of India, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management and Indian Institute of Material Management, etc. The university aims to provide easily accessible system of teaching and learning through education inputs like practical classes, distance teaching, satellite communication teaching, etc. Bhoj University gives special emphasis to target groups of learners coming from rural areas and especially those with disability .


  • School of Basic Sciences
  • Centre for Health Sciences
  • Institute of Information Technology
  • Department of Multimedia Education
  • Department of Special Education
  • Department of Heritage Management
  • School of Management
  • Electronic Media Production and Research Centre

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