Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (Translation: Madhubala — A love, a passion) is an Indian television series that premiered on 28 May 2012[1] and ran through until 9 August 2014,[3] Produced to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema, it aired on Colors TV Monday to Friday (later Saturday) evenings.[4]

Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
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Written by
  • Saurabh Tewari
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Nishikant Roy
  • Janaki V
  • Sharad Tripathi
  • Gautam Hegde
Directed byRavindra Gautam
Amit D Malik
bhagwan yadav
Devashish Dhar
Creative director(s)Yoma Shreshth
StarringVivian Dsena
Drashti Dhami
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes648[1]
Producer(s)Saurabh Tewari
Abhinav Shukla
CinematographyGanesh Sankla
Editor(s)Rochak Ahuja
Production company(s)Nautanki Films
Original networkColors TV
Picture format
Original release28 May 2012 (2012-05-28)[1] –
9 August 2014 (2014-08-09)[2]
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It revolves around a middle-class girl, Madhubala Malik(Drashti Dhami), born on a film set and destined to become a heroine, working in a parlour and her family works as junior artists in the film industry in Mumbai. One fateful encounter brings her standing against a Bollywood superstar Rishabh Kundra, popularly known as RK (Vivian Dsena). She fights a case of hit and run on behalf of her friend, Mukund Dixit (Manish Naggdev), against him and sends him to jail for four days. Madhubala gets engaged with Mukund after he proposes her. In order to teach her a lesson, RK humiliates Madhubala and her family publicly by insinuating that she is his girlfriend. RK humiliates Madhubala's mother’s relationship with Shamsher Malik (Bhupinder Singh), who is Madhu’s guardian but not her father saying that both Shamsher and Madhu’s mother are having a secret affair for last 20 years. Mukund breaks off their engagement thinking that she is having a clandestine affair with RK. Madhu goes to RK’s set and slaps him in front of all. To avenge his insult, RK puts forward an offer of forty lakh rupees for her father’s treatment, who was badly beaten up on RK’s set after he had showed up to kill RK after his[RK] public stunt, and marry him in return. Madhubala agrees and marries RK. RK is a rude and egotistical man who is hell-bent on ruining Madhubala’s life. He tries to insult her in any way he can but on another hand is possessive of her. Things begin to get normal and Madhubala begins to fall for RK. RK’s sister-in-law, Deepali Bhatia (Seema Mishra), who was RK’s girlfriend but had married his stepbrother Sikander Bhatia (Sikandar Kharbanda) because Sikander was being launched in a big-budgeted film and RK was a struggling actor at that time, is always flirting with RK and trying her best to win him back but RK has an insult for her antics each time and chides her for throwing herself upon him. Deepali wants Madhu to leave RK but her plan fails every time. When Shamsher is discharged from hospital, he is determined to kill RK who had forcefully kept her daughter captive at his home. Unaware of the changed scenario, he shoots RK in Ganpati Utsav. It is Madhu who comes forward and saves RK by donating blood to him. She witnesses a big change in her feelings for RK and realizes that she is in love with him. RK too develops a soft corner for Madhu and is no longer rude to her. Madhubala brings a lot of changes in RK’s life like she restores his faith in God and his relationship with his mother. She teaches him many other lessons of life and everyone is thankful to her for this. They confess their love to each other. RK helps Madhubala's mother, Padmini (Pallavi Purohit), and Shamsher in accepting feelings for each other and marrying and even helps her family when Madhu’s ruthless father, Balraj Chaudhary (Raj Zutshi), abducts all but Chaudhary is shot dead by Padmini herself.

RK asks Madhubala to leave her family and come away with him to lead a peaceful life because he needs a break and wants to spend his time with her. Madhubala, who is head over heels in love with him, blindly agrees. RK says that he wants to marry her properly before leaving so that they can take their relationship forward. During the wedding, RK suddenly stops and reveals his true intentions. He had never loved her and it was his plan to entangle her in his love and then destroy her life when he leaves him. Madhubala is devastated but decides to part her ways from him. Everyone, including RK’s assistant Bittu Sharma (Indresh Malik), is furious at him for deserting Madhubala and tries to convince him to bring Madhubala back as he is nothing without her but he doesn’t budge on his decision.

Madhubala gets a job as a hairstylist at RK’s film’s set. RK is once again rude to her and is adamant to make her leave. He tries to play hard but Madhubala has an answer for him every time. RK is seen regretting his decision to leave Madhubala when he suspects Madhubala getting ahead in her life with a mysterious man. He cannot stand the thought of Madhubala with someone else and realizing his mistake, he decides to win her back. He abducts her and forcefully makes her live with him at his home. Initially, Madhubala doesn’t relent but later with the help of Sultan (Avinesh Rekhi), the mystery man who RK assumes Madhubala to be in relationship with, she decides to play along and this time it would be she who will leave RK in their wedding. She wants to teach RK a lesson and make him realize the pain of a broken heart. RK is unable to accept his feelings for Madhubala and wanting her plan to succeed, she leaves RK’s house saying that unless he confesses his love for her, she won’t come back. As per her expectations, RK confesses his love for her and proposes her in front of all. Madhubala agrees and the preparation for the grand wedding begins. Just a few days before the wedding, Madhubala realizes that she cannot execute her plan because she is still in love with RK and cannot leave him. Sultan wants Madhubala to back off because he thinks that RK will kill Madhubala when he learns of her evil plan. Madhubala has already changed her mind and this breaks Sultan’s heart because he too is in love with Madhubala. RK, although is heartbroken after he learns about Madhubala’s plan, and decides to leave all the bad memories behind and forgive Madhubala and then they officially marry each other. Sultan, who hates RK for taking away the woman he loved, wants revenge. He discovers that he is RK’s stepbrother and uses this as a device to humiliate RK in public and referring him as a bastard because RK’s father, Mohan Kundra, had first married Sultan’s mother, Meera (Zarina Wahab). RK realizes that Sultan is doing all this to win Madhu back and in a one-on-one fight, he accidentally kills him. RK is sent to jail and his trial begins. Madhubala finds out that Sultan is alive and it was a plan of his to send RK to jail and take her away with him. Sultan realizes that RK wouldn’t so easily let Madhubala go so he mentally tortures Madhubala to get a divorce from RK and come to him. He threatens her with RK’s death. Madhu, who is scared for RK’s life, decides to divorce RK. RK is enraged and refuses to give a divorce. Later, RK connects all dots and learns that it is Sultan who is behind all this drama and forcing Madhubala to divorce him. With the help of police, RK eventually kills Sultan and saves Madhubala.

Due to his inability to shoot for movies due to personal problems and also because of slapping a producer, Amar Bahl, RK gets banned from Bollywood and he decides to produce his own film. A veteran director Mehul Chopra (Shishir Sharma) agrees to help him. Chopra chooses Madhubala as the heroine but RK refuses and so does Madhubala. RK is actually fascinated by the idea of Madhubala being his heroine. RK finds a heroine but is not satisfied with her. He vows to not to pressurize Madhubala to agree to sign the film. On the inauguration day, the heroine is rendered unable to attend the inaugural conference by Amar Bahl and RK's stepfather Kulbhushan Bhatia/Kuku Bhatia (Raza Murad) who hates RK and being the president of Production Association of India had banned RK from the film industry. RK, thinking that his career is over, is about to commit suicide when Bittu calls and informs him that Madhubala has indeed stepped in as the heroine. RK is super excited and together they appear as leading actors of his film in front of the media. This marks Madhubala’s entry into the film industry, holding her husband’s hand and as per her destiny. RK confesses in front of all that he loves his wife and thanks to her for becoming his heroine. RK’s aunt, Paabo (Navneet Nishan/Seema Kapoor), is told by a saint that Madhubala is not the right girl for RK. Just like all men who had come in her life like her father Balraj Chaudhary, Shamsher Malik, Sultan and Mukund, RK, too, is destined to be destroyed like them due to Madhubala’s calamitous fate. Madhubala is brainwashed by Paabo and made to perform some perilous religious tasks but later Madhubala finds out that it was all Paabo and Deepali’s plot to oust her from RK’s life. She busts her plans and refuses to leave RK. During the shooting, RK is injured and suffers from paralysis. Madhubala decides to take over and complete the movie. RK develops insecurity towards Madhubala due to her rising fame and being ignored by everyone because he is handicapped. During this, Madhubala gets pregnant but RK doesn’t want a baby when he himself is going through a lot of trouble. This breaks Madhubala’s heart and she is unhappy with his wishes. The movie “Ishq Ek Junoon” turns out to be a superhit, thus bringing RK out of his financial and career problems. Due to stress, Madhubala suffers a miscarriage and blames it on RK. On the other hand, RK cannot stand the thought of Madhubala becoming a superstar like him and tries his best to avert her mind from getting into the film industry. Later, everything, eventually, gets all right and Madhubala becomes a heroine like she was destined to be.

RK’s doppelgänger, Keval Ram Kushwaha, also known as KRK (Vivian Dsena), is introduced who is brought into RK and Madhubala’s life by Kulbhushan, to avenge all the insults RK had thrown at him. Kulbhushan wants KRK to steal away all RK’s money and render him bankrupt. KRK agrees to take RK’s place in need of money. He is a nobleman and when he realizes that he is keeping two lovers apart, he decides to leave RK’s life and returns back to his hometown with prize money from RK for speaking up the truth and showing decency. Kuku Bhatia is arrested and sent to jail.

Madhubala is pregnant once again and gives birth to a girl whom RK names Madhubala. He prophesies that their daughter will become a superstar like her parents.

After 20 yearsEdit

RK and Madhubala’s daughter, Madhubala Kundra (Drashti Dhami), is shown to be a grown-up girl who is the look-alike her mother. She works for Abhay (Gunjan Utreja), the one who hated RK. Abhay makes Madhubala fall in love with him and on their wedding day, marries her off to a mentally challenged man. He reveals that he had done all this to avenge Harshvardhan’s death who had committed suicide after being incriminated for killing RK and Madhubala. The man married to Madhubala is revealed to be KRK’s son, Raj Kumar/Raju/Raja Kushwaha (Vivian Dsena), who is the look-alike they are fathers RK and KRK Raja finally becomes a normal person but due to his lifestyle of a gangster, Madhubala starts hating him & starts treating him badly, insulting & accusing him, however, Madhubala crosses her all limits when in order to insult him she raises question on his manhood in front of the family, an angry dejected drunk Raja got doped & instigated by his brother in law who tells him to punish Madhubala for unnecessarily raising question on his manhood which leads to a raging Raja raping Madhubala and she files a case against him, however, she withdraws her case after some time. Later, Raja’s aunt, Baiji (Jaya Bhattacharya), dies and due to being in jail and unable to donate blood to save his aunt’s life, he begins thinking that Madhubala is responsible for her death. He starts hating her and starts torturing her. Later, it is revealed that this was all his brother-in-law’s plot to destroy the family and take over the property. Meanwhile, Madhubala gets pregnant with Raja's child & later requests Raja to forgive her which Raja does and they marry once again. They begin living separately from his family and Raja opens a garage to start earning a living. One night, a producer recognizes him as RK and proposes to do a film with him that he had wanted to do with RK and Madhubala. Madhubala reads her mother’s diary and learns that her mother’s last wish was to make a film on her and RK’s life. Madhubala convinces Raja to sign the film and together they start their film career.

In the final episode, Raja(now nicknamed RK 2) and Madhubala appear as RK and Madhubala and give the first shot of their first film. Raja states that it is not the end but the beginning of a new life of RK and Madhubala, who were always destined to live together and be superstars together.



  • Vivian Dsena as Rishabh "RK" Kundra, Madhubala's husband/Keval a.k.a "KRK"/ Raja Kushwaha, Madhubala's husband.
  • Drashti Dhami as Madhubala Chaudhary Kundra, RK's wife, Madhubala Rishabh Kundra/Madhubala Raja Kushwaha, Raja's wife
  • Spandan Chaturvedi as Young Madhubala



It was dubbed into Telugu as Madhubala- O Prema O Paga telecasted on Gemini TV.

The theme song "Hum Hai Deewane" and "Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera" was composed by Shalin Sharma, while "Ishq Hai" was composed by Saurabh Kalsi. The songs were sung by Arijit Singh, Komal Rizvi and Saurabh Kalsi, the lyrics were done by Veebha Tiwari. Other type of musics and backgrounds were composed by Ashish Rego.

Track list
1."Hum Hai Deewane Male"Arijit Singh02:20
2."Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera Male" 03:44
3."Ishq Hai Ishq Hai"Saurabh Kalsi01:46
4."Ishq Tu Hi Hai Mera Female"Komal Rizvi02:13
5."Hum Hai Deewane Sad Male"Arijit Singh01:37
6."Hum Hai Deewane Sad Female"  
7."Hoslon se veer Hoon"Komal Rizvi01:00
8."Hum Hai Deewane Female"Komal Rizvi02:22
Total length:17:32

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2012 People's Choice Awards India[5] Favourite New TV Drama Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Won
Indian Television Academy Awards[6] Gr8! Performer of the Year Vivian Dsena Won
Indian Telly Awards[7] Actress in a Lead Role Drashti Dhami Nominated
Actor in a Lead Role Vivian Dsena
Actor in a Negative Role Raj Zutshi
Actress in a Negative Role Seema Mishra
Daily Serial Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Drama Series Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Best Jodi Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami Won
Actress in a Supporting Role Pallavi Purohit
Show Packaging(Fiction) Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Zee Gold Awards[8] Best Actor(Jury) Vivian Dsena


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