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Madhav Kashinath Deshpande

Madhav Kashinath Deshpande (Devanagari: माधव काशीनाथ देशपांडे) (1910–1974) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India and a renowned professor of English language and literature of his times. He was unique for his facility both in English and Marathi, making studious efforts to apply his experience of English literature to creative and critical writing in Marathi.

Madhav Kashinath Deshpande
Native name माधव काशीनाथ देशपांडे
Born 1910
Died 1974
Language English
Nationality Indian
Notable works Aadhar, Priya Kavite, Dhoomra Taranga

His writings include:

• Sant aani Science (Marathi saint poets and science) (1970, reprinted 2010)