Madeleine of Savoy

Madeleine of Savoy (1510–1574) was a French court official, and the wife of constable Anne de Montmorency, a leading soldier and politician, whom she married in 1526.[1] After she was widowed in 1567 she served as Première dame d'honneur to the queen of France, Elisabeth of Austria, from 1570 until 1574.

Kneeling, in a stained-glass window
"Room of Madeleine of Savoy", as set up in the National Museum of the Renaissance at the Château d'Écouen, which she built with her husband.


She was the daughter of René of Savoy and Anne Lascaris. In 1570, he was appointed to the office of Première dame d'honneur to the new queen of France, Elisabeth of Austria, and as such responsible for the female courtiers, controlling the budget, purchases, annual account and staff list, daily routine and presentations to the queen.

Madeleine of Savoy was described as an austere and strict Catholic with a deep dislike of the Huguenots, but not as personally involved in politics, though she was a gathering force for her politically active relations and siblings.


She had twelve children:



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