Mad Decent is an American record label founded by Diplo. The label has helped introduce Brazilian baile funk and Angolan kuduro to clubs around the world.[2] Recently, it has popularized moombahton, a genre of electronic dance music created by DJ Dave Nada.[3] The genre on the label was mostly popularized by Dillon Francis after collaborating with Diplo on Francis's 2012 track "Que Que". The label is also known for its series of concerts in major cities known as the Mad Decent Block Party.[4]

Mad Decent
Mad Decent Logo 2018.svg
Founded2006 (2006)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Distributor(s)AMPED Distribution[1] (US)
Country of originUnited States
LocationLos Angeles, California


Mad Decent was founded in 2006 by Diplo.[5] In 2010, the label moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.[6] In 2011, it announced the launch of the imprint label Jeffrees as "an outlet to curate and promote new music that errs on the side of experimental, in keeping with the label’s original mission."[7]

The label gained more attention in 2012 and 2013, with the worldwide success of Baauer's single "Harlem Shake", which went viral on YouTube.[8]

Since 2008, the label has created a multiple city Mad Decent Block Party tour throughout the United States.[9] This travelling festival began at a much smaller scale with simply a rented tent, dunk tank and bbq on a Philadelphia street (Block of 12th St. and Spring Garden St.).[citation needed] The event is in line with the overall concept of the label showcasing global pop and dance music.[10] The featured artists at the events has expanded from featuring Mad Decent's roster to high-profile artists such as Matt and Kim and Outkast.[11]

For Christmas 2013, the label re-released various singles from the label mixed with Christmas songs. These were compiled in an eight-track EP titled A Very Decent Christmas.[12] Mad Decent has seen four subsequent Christmas albums out on the label since the initial compilation.

2015 saw Mad Decent release Major Lazer's "Lean On," which Spotify named the most streamed song of all time that year.[13]

In 2016, Mad Decent launched a sub-label, Good Enuff.[14]

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Through the label's Decent Distribution service, Mad decent has distributed the following labels:

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