Mackenzie Thorpe (born 1956 in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire) is a British artist. In 2019 he is celebrating 30 years of artistic practice with a world tour, From the Heart, which will include the UK in July[1]; he was also appointed as the official artist to Tour de Yorkshire[2]; was appointed as the "Welcome to Yorkshire, Official Chelsea Flower show artist”[3]; was awarded an honorary professorship from Seisa University in Japan and unveiled a new public sculpture in his home town of Middlesbrough.[4]

Born as the first of seven children, Thorpe initially worked in the local shipyards, however, in 1977, following encouragement of a friend he successfully applied to study art at Cleveland College of Art and Design, where he flourished under the tuition of Tom Wall, going on to study for a Fine Art BA at Byam Shaw College of Art in London from which he graduated in 1982. In 1989 he moved from London to Richmond, North Yorkshire, where he opened the Mackenzie Thorpe Arthaus gallery[5].

His works are associated with a principle of "Art from the heart" – combining tenderness with fervency through his abstract depictions of animals and children. His work is wide-ranging from the accessible 'square sheep' and duffle coat boys to more challenging work focusing on isolation and man's struggle. Much of his work depicts his childhood growing up in Middlesbrough. His auction record of £9,000, paid for his 91 cm square oil on canvas "The Family (Kiss)" was set at Tennant's auction house in Leyburn on 4 March 2009.

Thorpe also holds an honorary Master of Arts degree, collected in 2000 from his hometown's Teesside University. In addition, Thorpe's and Arthaus' wish to support 'good causes' culminated in the launch of the Mackenzie Thorpe Foundation in 2005. In October 2006 Thorpe produced an exhibition of outdoor monumental sculptures in Kansas City, Missouri and intends to take similar concepts to New Zealand, Australia and the UK.


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