Macedonian Municipal Football Leagues

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The Macedonian Municipal Leagues (Macedonian: Македонски Општински Лиги) is the fourth and fifth-highest football competition in the North Macedonia.

Македонски Општински Лиги
Macedonian Municipal Leagues
CountryNorth Macedonia North Macedonia
Level on pyramid4 and 5
Promotion to3. MFL
Domestic cup(s)Macedonian Football Cup

Municipal football associationsEdit

There are 25 active municipal football associations or OFS' which act within the Football Federation of Macedonia. In 2019, multiple municipal football associations were disbanded by the Agency of youth and sport in North Macedonia due to their lack of teams.[1]

Promotion to the Third League - NorthEdit

  • OFS Kisela Voda
  • OFS Kumanovo
  • OFS Lipkovo (disbanded in 2019[2])
  • OFS Skopje

Promotion to the Third League - CenterEdit

  • OFS Kavadarci
  • OFS Negotino
  • OFS Prilep
  • OFS Veles

Promotion to the Third League - SoutheastEdit

  • OFS Gevgelija
  • OFS Radovish
  • OFS Strumica
  • OFS Valandovo

Promotion to the Third League - EastEdit

  • OFS Kochani
  • OFS Kratovo
  • OFS Probishtip
  • OFS Sveti Nikole
  • OFS Shtip
  • OFS Vinica

Promotion to the Third League - WestEdit

  • OFS Gostivar
  • OFS Kichevo
  • OFS Tetovo

Promotion to the Third League - SouthwestEdit

  • OFS Bitola
  • OFS Demir Hisar (disbanded in 2019[1])
  • OFS Makedonski Brod (disbanded in 2019[1])
  • OFS Ohrid
  • OFS Resen
  • OFS Struga


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