Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia - Sydney

The Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia - Sydney (Macedonian: Австралиско - Сиднејска Епархија) is one of a number of dioceses of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC).[1][2] There are some 27 MOC churches in Australia. Slightly over half are under the Macedonian Orthodox diocese headed by Metropolitan Timotej.[1][2]

Diocese of Australia - Sydney

Австралиско - Сиднејска Епархија
HeadquartersNorth Macedonia
DenominationEastern Orthodox
Current leadership
MOC Diocese of Australia - Sydney


Over some two decades (mid-1990s to mid-2010s) the Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand experienced internal divisions regarding the matter of property ownership.[1] In the context of Australian law, a sizable number of parishioners view themselves and not the Macedonian Orthodox Church as owners of properties and churches in the country.[1] In early 2012, people representing the parishes and municipalities who refuse Metropolitan Petar's legitimacy entered into negotiations with the MOC.[1] Both sides agreed to a short-term solution which acknowledged each other.[1] One group would be part of the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Petar and the other under the MOC and its Synod.[1] The MOC synod convened a meeting whose outcome resulted in Metropolitan Timothy becoming the overseer of Macedonian parishes who do not support Metropolitan Petar in Australia.[1] The number of parishes under Metropolitan Timothy are 14.[1] Both sides agreed to put on hold any legal processes in order to allow for time to reach a solution over a period of 3 years.[1] In the late 2010s the situation had become formalised and the churches under Metropolitan Timothy are organised as the Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia - Sydney.[2]


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