Order of Ancient Maccabeans (also Maccabaeans) is an Anglo-Jewish society.[1] The order is a friendly society established in 1894, and registered on the 8th of May, 1901, under the Friendly Societies' Act, as amended 1896.[2]


When Theodor Herzl came to England before the First Zionist Congress the members of the Society, who then belonged to the "Lovers of Zion" movement, pledged their adherence to the Zionist cause. The Society was an avowedly Zionist Order, and every member on admission had to declare his willingness to be a Zionist, to pay the shekel and to assist generally through the Order in the work of resettling the Jews in Palestine.[2] Membership consists primarily of people in the professions, with aims to provide "social intercourse and co-operation among its members with a view to the promotion of the interests of Jews, including the support of any professional or learned bodies and charities."

All persons "of the Jewish faith who declare themselves adherents to the Zionist Movement" can become members; membership also includes similarly minded, non-Jewish 'honorary' members.

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Other notable members have included:


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