MacDonnell Region

The MacDonnell Regional Council is a local government area of the Northern Territory, Australia. The region covers an area of 268,329 square kilometres (103,602 square miles) and had an estimated population of 6,863 people in June 2018.[1]

MacDonnell Regional Council
Northern Territory
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Coordinates26°35′35″S 118°29′28″E / 26.5931°S 118.4911°E / -26.5931; 118.4911Coordinates: 26°35′35″S 118°29′28″E / 26.5931°S 118.4911°E / -26.5931; 118.4911
Population6,863 (2018)[1]
 • Density0.0255768/km2 (0.066244/sq mi)
Area268,329 km2 (103,602.4 sq mi)[1]
MayorSid Anderson
Council seatAlice Springs (not part of council)
RegionAlice Springs Region
Territory electorate(s)
Federal division(s)Lingiari
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WebsiteMacDonnell Regional Council
LGAs around MacDonnell Regional Council:
Halls Creek Central Desert Boulia
Halls Creek MacDonnell Regional Council Diamantina
East Pilbara Pastoral Unincorporated Area Pastoral Unincorporated Area


MacDonnell Regional Council occupies the south of the Northern Territory and is the only LGA that borders with South Australia, specifically with Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara in the southwest and the Pastoral Unincorporated Area in the southeast.

Alice Springs and Yulara are enclaves within the LGA.


In October 2006 the Northern Territory Government announced the reform of local government areas. The intention of the reform was to improve and expand the delivery of services to towns and communities across the Northern Territory by establishing eleven new shires. The MacDonnell Shire Council was created on 1 July 2008 as were the remaining ten shires. On 1 January 2014, it was renamed MacDonnell Region.[2]

Elections of shire councillors were held on 25 October 2008. The current President (Mayor) of the MacDonnell Region is Sid Anderson.

Community Government Councils merged into the MacDonnell Shire as did a large area of unincorporated area. The existing Community Government Councils and one regional council were:


The MacDonnell Regional Council is divided into 4 wards, which are governed by 12 councillors:

  • Rodinga (4)
  • Ljirapinta (2)
  • Luritja Pintubi (4)
  • Iyarrka (3)

Towns by wardEdit

The following towns fall within the four wards as follows:,[4] with population figures as of 30 June 2007:[5]


There are a number of small family outstations within MacDonnell Regional Council. These include:

  • Labrapuntja[6] (population 11 in 2020[7])


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