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Maaza (pronounced "Muzza") is a Coca-Cola fruit drink brand originated in India and marketed in Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, the most popular drink being the mango variety, so much that over the years, the Maaza brand has become synonymous with Mango. Initially Coca-Cola had also launched Maaza in orange and pineapple variants, but these variants were subsequently dropped. Coca-Cola has recently re-launched these variants again in the Indian market.

Maaza logo.png
TypeFruit juice
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin India
VariantsMaaza Orange, Maaza Pineapple
Related productsSlice, Frooti

Maaza currently dominates the fruit drink category and competes with Pepsi's Slice brand of mango drink and Frooti, manufactured by Parle Agro.

While Frooti was sold in small cartons, Maaza and Slice were initially sold in returnable bottles. However, all brands are also now available in small cartons and large PET bottles.

Maaza has a distinct pulpy taste as compared to Frooti and tastes slightly sweeter than Slice. Maaza claims to contain mango pulp of the Alphonso variety, which is known as the "King of Mangoes" in India.


Maaza bottles

The Union Beverages Factory, based in the UAE, began selling Maaza as a franchisee in the Middle East and Africa in 1976. By 1995, it had acquired rights to the Maaza brand in these countries through Maaza International Co LLC Dubai. Maaza was launched in 1976 in India. and in India, Maaza was acquired by Coca-Cola India in 1993 from Parle Bisleri along with other brands such as Limca, Citra, Thums Up and Gold Spot. Maaza was acquired by House of Spices in 2005 for the North American market. In 2006 Infra Foodbrands acquired Maaza for the European, Caribbean and West-African market and cooperates with House of Spices for the North American market.

Infra FoodbrandsEdit

Since 1998 Infra Foodbrands, has started distribution in Europe, West-Africa, North America, Canada and the Caribbean. Since 2006 Infra Foodbrands is the owner of the Maaza brand and exports to 33 countries.

Since, Maaza has launched 10 different flavours (Mango, Tropical, Guava, Lychee, Passion Fruit/Maracuja, Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Fruit Punch and Guanabana) in various different packaging formats.

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