Ma Zhancang (simplified Chinese: 马占仓; traditional Chinese: 馬占倉; pinyin: Mǎ Zhàncāng; Wade–Giles: Ma Chan-ts'ang, Xiao'erjing: ﻣَﺎ جً ﺿْﺎ) was a Hui Chinese Muslim general of the New 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army), who served under Generals Ma Zhongying and Ma Hushan. At the Battle of Kashgar (1933), he repulsed an attack of Uighurs led by the Syrian Arab Tawfiq Bay, wounding Tawfiq.[1] He fought against Kirghiz and Uighur rebels and destroyed the First East Turkestan Republic after defeating Uighur and Kirghiz fighters at Kashgar, the Battle of Yarkand and the Battle of Yangi Hissar in 1934.[2][3][4] He killed the Uighur leaders Timur Beg, Abdullah Bughra and Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra.[5]

Ma Zhancang
Ma Zhancang.png
Ma Zhancang
AllegianceFlag of the Republic of China Republic of China
Years of service1929-1937
UnitNew 36th Division
Commands heldGeneral in the New 36th Division
Battles/warsKumul Rebellion, Battle of Kashgar (1933), Battle of Sekes Tash, Battle of Kashgar (1934), Battle of Yarkand, Battle of Yangi Hissar


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