MS Nordic Orion is a Danish bulk carrier registered in Panama City. A coal and ore carrier, Nordic Orion has a capacity of 75,603 tonnes deadweight (DWT). It was built in 2011 by Oshima Shipbuilding. Nordic Orion has an ice-strengthened hull,[2] and it is notable for being the first large sea freighter to transit the Arctic Northwest Passage.[3][4][5][6] It is owned and operated by Nordic Bulk Carriers.[3]

NameNordic Orion
OwnerBulk Nordic Orion Ltd.
OperatorSeamar Management S.A.
Port of registryPanama City,  Panama
Ordered27 March 2006
Laid down10 June 2010
Launched17 December 2010
Completed4 February 2011
StatusIn service
General characteristics [1]
TypeBulk carrier
Length225 m (738 ft)
Beam32.31 m (106 ft)
Draught14.089 m (46 ft)
Depth19.39 m (64 ft)
Ice classDNV ICE-1A
Installed powerMAN 6S60MC-C
PropulsionSingle shaft; fixed pitch propeller
Speed12.9 knots (23.9 km/h; 14.8 mph)

Voyage through the Northwest Passage edit

Nordic Orion started its voyage from the Port Metro Vancouver, Canada on 6 September 2013 carrying a cargo of 73,500 tons of coking coal.[7] The ship completed its voyage through the passage on 27 September stopping at Nuuk, Greenland[2] and reached its destination, the Port of Pori, Finland on 9 October 2013.[8]

Northwest Passage shortened the distance between Vancouver and Pori by 1,000 nautical miles compared to the traditional route via the Panama Canal. Fuel savings were approximately $80,000.[7][9]Nordic Orion was also able to load 15,000 tons more cargo than sailing through the Panama Canal due to its depth limits.[2]

The journey has been described as an opening of a new era on the commercial use of Arctic.[10][11] It has also caused criticism from environmental organisations such as the Bellona Foundation.[12]

Nordic Bulk Carriers has acknowledged the Nordic Orion never would have made the voyage if the Canadian Coast Guard had not provided free icebreaker escorts.[13][14]

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