MSU Faculty of History

The Faculty of History is one of the faculties of the Moscow State University. Established at 1934 on the base of the Historical-philological faculty of the university. The dean of the faculty was Sergey Karpov (since 1995 to 2018).

MSU Faculty of History
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Building of MSU Faculty of History

The history of the facultyEdit

The first departments of the history, arts and archaeology of the Moscow State University were established at 1804. At 1835 department of history was separated into the department of Russian history and the department of foreign history. The department of Russian history was led by Mikhail Pogodin, Sergei Solovyov, Vasily Klyuchevsky, the department of foreign history was led by Timofey Granovsky. At 1850 the historical-philological faculty was created.

After the October Revolution the Faculty of history and the Faculty of law were mixed into the Faculty of social sciences. At 1925 it was reorganized into a Faculty of Soviet Law and Ethnology. At the 1931 the Historical-philological faculty was transformed into Moscow Institute of Philology, Literature and History [Wikidata].

At 1934 the Faculties of history in Moscow State University and in Saint Petersburg University were restored.

Notable Members, Past and PresentEdit

Notable alumniEdit


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