The MP 73 is a rubber tired variant of electric multiple units used on the Paris Métro. The cars were delivered in 1974, when RATP decided to convert Line 6 to rubber tyred pneumatic operation. The existing stock on Line 6 needed replacing at this time, and the line was converted to rubber tyred operation due to the lengthy open air viaduct sections of track, which generated much noise and vibration with older steel-wheeled rolling stock. The body design was based on the successful MF 67 stock. A total of 252 cars were built, six of which have subsequently been scrapped, leaving 246 cars. They were refurbished in 2000. Trains are formed into 5-car sets, and they continue to serve on Line 6.

MP 73
MP73 RATP Rolling stock.jpg
MP 73 at a station on Paris Métro Line 6
MP 73 - Intérieur - Ligne 6 - Nation.jpg
In service1974 - 2023 according to the RATP
Scrapped2021 (beginning)
Number built250 cars (50 trainset)
Formation4 - 5 cars per trainset
Line(s) servedParis Métro Paris Métro Line 6 Paris Métro Line 11
Train length
  • 75 m (246 ft 0.8 in) (5 cars )
  • 60 m (196 ft 10.2 in)(4 cars )
  • Car length15 m (49 ft 3 in)
    Width2.45 m (8 ft 0 in)
    Doors4 pairs per side, per car
    Maximum speed70 km/h (43 mph)
    Traction systemResistor Control
    Traction motorsAlsthom Type MP4
    Power output1,320 kW (1,770 hp)
    Acceleration3.5 km/(h⋅s) (2.2 mph/s)
    Deceleration4.5 km/(h⋅s) (2.8 mph/s)
    Electric system(s)750 V DC Current taken from the guide bars on either side of the track
    Current collector(s)Horizontal contact shoe
    A vertical contact shoe sliding on the rails provides grounding.
    Braking system(s)disc brakes, rheostatic brake
    Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in),
    with running pads for the rubber
    tired wheels outside of the steel rails
    Figure of the MP 73

    One MP 73 currently runs on Line 11 in a four-car formation. A single MP 73 has intermittently operated on Line 11 since 1976. A six-car MP 73 previously operated on Line 4 on an intermittent basis until 1999, when it was moved back to Line 6. In some cases, trailers of an MP 73 would be paired with trailers of an MP 59, creating a hybrid formation. This practice ended in 1999 when the MP 55 and many MP 59 stock were retired following the arrival of the MP 89. (from fr:MP 73)

    The future of the MP 73 is currently unknown, but there is much speculation that they will be replaced with the MP 89 stock from Line 4, as the latter is being prepped for automation.

    Santiago Metro has a forked version named NS 74. Also, the Mexico City Metro has another forked version named MP 82.

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