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MCM Worldwide is a leather luxury goods brand founded by Michael Cromer and bought out by Sungjoo Group in 2005. The brand’s signature logo-printed material, called Cognac Visetos, appears on many of its products. Its brass plate insignia is found on all heritage collection bag and most products; each brass plate is identified by a unique number at the bottom.[1] MCM sells its products through wholesale accounts, franchises and directly operated stores.

MCM Worldwide
FoundedMunich, Germany (1976)
FounderMichael Cromer
Key people
Kim Sung-joo (Chairwoman)


The MCM label, originally stood popular during the 1980s for being "ostentatious and flashy".[2] At the height of its popularity in 1993, it owned 250 branches worldwide and recorded sales of $250 million.[2] Following a 1995 investigation of Cromer for alleged tax evasion by German tax authorities, banks and investors lost faith in MCM's financial stability.[3] In 1997, the company was restructured, and its stores and trademark rights were split and sold.[3] The logo was designed by Mara Cromer in 1972 for her hairdresser salon in Munich. She is the wife of Michael Cromer.

In 2005, the worldwide rights to the MCM brand were acquired by Sungjoo Group, a South Korean retail business founded by Sung-Joo Kim, the youngest daughter of South Korean magnate Kim Soo-keon.[4] Kim re-launched the brand in 2006 with a new store in Berlin.[5] MCM thereafter reopened stores in New York, Toronto, Paris, London, Singapore, Tokyo and China among others. In 2011, MCM debuted its largest store in Hong Kong’s Entertainment Building.[6]

MCM makes roughly 70% of its sales in Asia, and roughly 30% in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.[4] The brand aims to have sales of $2 billion by 2019.[4]



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