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MBC TV is a South Korean free-to-air television channel launched on 8 August 1969 and owned by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.

Munhwa Broadcasting Company.svg
CountrySouth Korea
NetworkMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
SloganGo! MBC
Picture format2160p (UHDTV)
(downscaled to 1080i and 16:9 480i for the HDTV and SDTV feeds respectively)
OwnerMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Launched8 August 1969; 51 years ago (1969-08-08)
Former namesHLAC-TV (1969–1972)
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel 11.1
Available on most cable systems in South KoreaChannel slots vary on each operator
SkyLifeChannel 11 (HD)
B TVChannel 11 (HD)
U+ TVChannel 11 (HD)
Olleh TVChannel 11 (HD)
Streaming media
iMBCWatch live


Former MBC building used between the 1970s and 1980s

On 21 February 1961, the Seoul Private Broadcasting Corporation was established. On 22 June 1966, the company received a broadcasting license from the government and started broadcasting on terrestrial television on 8 August 1969. On 5 October 1970, MBC Newsdesk was launched as the network's newscast. A year later, on 10 January 1971, the names of all regional broadcasters were merged under the MBC brand. On 22 December 1980, colour transmissions began in Seoul alone, followed by a nationwide adopting on 1 January 1981.[citation needed]

Together with its main rivals KBS and SBS, MBC TV began its full-scale daytime broadcasting on 1 December 2005. It went on to broadcast 24 hours a day on 1 January 2013 and discontinued on 30 December 2017. As of 4 August 2014, the channel news program began to be broadcast from the new television station located in Sangam, and from 1 September of that same year, the channel began to produce all the programs in the new studios.[1]


MBC dramas are exported to 100 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas[citation needed]. Dae Jang Geum has high audience ratings in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong;[citation needed] its popularity has continued in 91 countries[citation needed], including Japan. Other dramas that have enjoyed high viewership include Jumong, Coffee Prince, Moon Embracing the Sun, Yi San, Queen Seondeok, and Dong Yi.

Infotainment shows and documentariesEdit

MBC documentaries encompass a wide range of issues, from foreign affairs to the environment. PD Notebook premiered in 1990, and has since earned notoriety for its investigations from a journalistic standpoint. Episodes have included one covering scientific fraud by Korean geneticist Hwang Woo-Suk, and another containing arguments against importing US beef.[2] The latter episode, entitled "Is American Beef Really Safe from Mad Cow Disease?", contributed to three months of protest in Seoul against importing US beef. Since then, the accuracy of the episode and the program's method of obtaining information has been questioned.[3][4][5] MBC current-affairs and documentary programs have won recognition from the New York and Banff TV Festivals, the Asian TV Awards, ABU Prizes, Earth Vision and the Japan Wildlife Festival.


MBC News now has 18 local news bureaus and 8 overseas news bureaus, with which it signed a news supply contract with CNN, APTN, NBC and Reuters TV so it can bring up to date news to viewers. MBC currently offers a wide variety of in-depth analysis programs on politics, economy, society, and culture through Current Affairs Magazine 2580, 100 Minute Debate, Economy Magazine M, and Unification Observatory.


MBC broadcasts Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Texas Rangers games when Hyun-Jin Ryu pitches and Shin-Soo Choo and Jung-ho Kang bat.


Live Music Camp incidentEdit

Show! Music Core rankingEdit

On 20 April 2013, MBC introduced a brand new ranking system for Show! Music Core, and as such had nominated INFINITE, K.Will, Davichi, and Lee Hi for the first place award. Singer K.Will was mistakenly announced as the winner. He looked confused as if he could not believe it, and was about to say his thanks when the Show! Music Core staff quickly informed everyone on stage that there had been a mistake and that INFINITE was the actual winner. K.Will was quick to laugh it off and say, "It's okay, I’m okay." He even shouted, "I love INFINITE!" However, the INFINITE members themselves looked unsure and confused about accepting the trophy.

Afterwards, the staff of the show was highly criticised by viewers. The staff made a statement on their official board and said,

This is the ‘Show! Music Core’ staff. There was a mistake in announcing the 1st-place winner on the 20 April broadcast. This was a mistake because the text votes were mixed up for the two 1st place nominees. The two team's scores are 100% fair results. The text votes accumulation company has promised to work harder to keep this from happening again. Please excuse us for not running a smooth live broadcast. Thank you.[6]

International awardsEdit

The following are some of the international awards MBC TV programs have received between 2013 and the first half of 2014.


  • In Memory of Hannah, the Miracle [New York TV Festival] Gold World Medal / Human Concerns
  • Where Are We Going, Dad?! [WorldFest-Houston International Film] Platinum Award / TV Entertainment
  • In Memory of Hannah, the Miracle [WorldFest-Houston International Film] Gold Award / TV Special-Documentary
  • Crow's-eye View [WorldFest-Houston International Film] Silver Award / TV Special-Dramatic
  • A 100-Year Legacy [WorldFest-Houston International Film] Bronze Medal / TV Series-Dramatic
  • Key Money and Renting, and the People In-between [International Public Television Screening Conference] Selected for Screening
  • Where Are We Going, Dad?! [International Public Television Screening Conference] Selected for Screening


  • Hello?! Orchestra [International Emmy Awards] Emmy Award / Arts Programming
  • Tears of the Antarctic [New York TV Festival] Bronze Medal / Nature & Wildlife
  • Tears of the Antarctic [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Special Jury Award / Documentary
  • Moon Embracing The Sun [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Special Jury Award / TV Series-Dramatic
  • I Am a Singer 2 [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Platinum Award / TV Entertainment
  • Heartstrings [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Platinum Award / TV Special-Dramatic
  • Tears of the Antarctic [Japan Wildlife Film Festival] Asia and Oceania Environmental
  • Where Are We Going, Dad? [ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Prizes] ABU Prize / TV Entertainment
  • Golden Time [ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Prizes] ABU Prize / TV-Drama
  • My Family [ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Prizes] Highly Commended / Radio Documentary
  • Pengi and Sommi(Tears in the Antarctic Film) [Baikal International Festival of Popular-Science and Documentary Films] Special Award, Best Camera Award, People's Choice Award
  • Heartstrings [Asian TV Awards] Winner / Best Single Drama or Telemovie
  • Hannah, the Miracle [Asian TV Awards] Highly Commended / Best Documentary Program


  • The Greatest Love [New York TV Festival] Silver Award / Mini-Series
  • Zenith [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Special Jury Award / TV Special-Dramatic
  • The Great Queen Seondeok [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Special Jury Award / TV Series-Dramatic
  • A Mother's Confession [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Special Jury Award / TV Special-Documentary
  • Royal Family [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Platinum Award / TV Mini-Series
  • Tears of the Amazon [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Platinum Award / Documentary
  • Infinite Challenge [WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival] Silver Award / Entertainment
  • Tears of the Antarctic [ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Prizes] ABU Prize / Documentary
  • Moon Embracing The Sun [Shanghai TV Festival] Silver Award / Best Foreign TV Series
  • MBC Special [INPUT] Notes for the Next Generation Selected for Screening

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