MAN TG-range

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The MAN TG-range is a family of trucks produced since 2000 by the German vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus. It is the successor to the F2000, L2000, and M2000 series. It consists of the TGA (now discontinued), TGL, TGM, TGS, and TGX.

MAN TG-range
MAN TGS 18 480.jpg
ManufacturerMAN Truck & Bus
Also calledVolkswagen Meteor (TGX-based)
Body and chassis
ClassCommercial vehicle
Body styleForward control (TGA/TGL/TGM/TGS/TGX)
  • 4.6 L D0834 I4
  • 6.9 L D0836 I6
  • 10.5 L D2066 I6
  • 12.4 L D2666 I6
  • 15.2 L D3876 I6
  • 16.2 L D2868 V8
  • Manual (standard)
  • TipMatic (AMT)
PredecessorMAN F2000/L2000/M2000

The TG range is currently made up of five models with the introduction of the TGE light commercial vehicle, a rebadged Volkswagen Crafter.

Forward control versionEdit

First generation (2000–2020)Edit

The forward control version was released in 2000, replacing the existing F2000, L2000 and M2000 series. It was initially developed in Germany. The first heavy duty cab was the TGA. Available models included L, LX, XL, XLX, and XXL. After its discontinuation in 2007, the TGA was replaced by the new TGS and TGX models. In addition to a manual transmission, these models are also available with the company's TipMatic automated manual transmission.

In 2005, the TGL and TGM were introduced as the first both light and medium duty trucks by MAN.

In 2007, the 16.2 L D28 series turbocharged V8 engine available as an option in the TGX. In 2012 new models were revealed with a chrome Lion grill, though these lacked the option of a V8 engine due to a lack of demand. The carryover 15.2 L D38 series inline six-cylinder engine added into the lineup for 2014, replacing the D28 V8 engine.

In 2016, another updated version was also revealed, and features a new black Lion grill of the MAN logo replacing the chrome Lion grill.

Second generation (2020–)Edit

MAN TGX 18.640 version 2020

On 10 February 2020, the second generation range was unveiled to the public at the event in Bilbao, Spain. The range comprises the same four models carried over from the first generation. It also introduces a new fully-digital instrument cluster for the first time in an MAN vehicle. The range also introduced improved aerodynamics, more fuel efficient engines and a more ergonomic experience for drivers.[1]


The MAN TGE is a badge engineered version of the second generation Volkswagen Crafter. It is assembled by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Września, Poland alongside the Crafter. MAN intends to differentiate itself from Volkswagen by offering a higher standard of service that is aimed at professional customers.[2]

Volkswagen MeteorEdit

The Volkswagen Meteor is a version of the old MAN TGX which is made by Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus in Resende, Brazil. It was introduced on 1 September 2020. It is also VW’s top-of-the-line model of trucks. Replacing the MAN lion grill with the VW badge in the exterior, and still retains a completely dashboard including a semi color instrument cluster, an infotainment system and more.


The truck won the European Truck Racing Championship every year from 2010 to 2016.

It also won the 2007 Dakar Rally.


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