M. K. Saldin

Mohamed Khalid Saldin (1870-1944) was a Ceylonese businessman/philanthropist and politician.[1]

Mohamed Khalid Saldin was born in 1870 in Colombo, the youngest son (of seven children) to Baba Ounus Saldin (1832-1906), businessman, editor and publisher of Alamat Langkapuri (the first Malay newspaper), and Nyona Nurani née Janan (his first wife).[2]

In 1906 Salid inherited his father's business (an import and export company) and under the name of M. K. Saldin & Company further expanded its operations. He was elected the first president of the All Ceylon Malay Association in January 1923.[3][4]

He was appointed by the Governor, Graeme Thomson, as one of eight additional members to the 1st State Council of Ceylon, on 26 June 1931, representing the Malay Muslim community.[5][6]

Saldin married Dane Ayu née Sabar (1878-?) and they eight children. His daughters, Evelyn Mashmoon (1908-1992) married Baba Zahiere Lye, appointed member of Parliament (1963-1965), and Hazelyn Suhan (1911-1985) married Mohamed Purvis Drahaman, appointed member of Parliament (1956–1963). His second wife was Nona Juhari née Borehan (1881-?), with whom he had four children. His third wife was Nona Dane Wangsa née Sabar, with whom he had two children.[7]


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