Mạc Hiến Tông

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Mạc Hiến Tông (, ? – 1546), birth name Mạc Phúc Hải (), was the third emperor of the Mạc Dynasty of Annam from 1540 to 1546.[1] He was born in Cao Đôi village, Bình Hà district (present day Nam Tan, Nam Sach, Hai Duong). He was the oldest son of emperor Mac Thai Tong and grandson of Mac Dang Dung.[2]

Mạc Hiến Tông
Emperor of Đại Việt
Emperor of Mạc dynasty
PredecessorMạc Thái Tông
SuccessorMạc Tuyên Tông
Full name
Mạc Phúc Hải (莫福海)
Era dates
Quang Hòa
Posthumous name
Hiển hoàng đế
Temple name
Hiến Tông (憲宗)
HouseMạc dynasty


  1. ^ Southeast Asia: A Historical Encyclopedia Volume 1 - Page 805 Keat Gin Ooi - 2004 "... name is Mac Thai Tong, had already died, so his son Mac Phuc Hai (r. 1541-1546) ascended the throne. In order to win over the people of the Red River delta, Mac rulers did not change the political administration of the Le on a large scale."
  2. ^ Bruce M. Lockhart, William J. Duiker The A to Z of Vietnam 1461731925 2010 Page 437 "Mạc Dynasty: Mạc Thái Tổ (Mạc Đăng Dung) (1527-30), Mạc Thái Tông (Mạc Đăng Doanh) (1530-40), Mạc Hiến Tông (Mạc Phúc Hải) (1540-46), Mạc Tuyên Tông (Mạc Phúc Nguyên) (1546-64), ruler without imperial titles: Mạc Mậu Hợp (1564-92)."
Preceded by
Mạc Đăng Dung
Emperor of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Mạc Tuyên Tông