Mōri Takamoto (毛利 隆元, 1523 – September 18, 1563) was a daimyō (feudal lord) of Aki Province during Japan's Sengoku period. He was the eldest legitimate son of Mōri Motonari.

Mōri Takamoto
Mōri Takamoto picture
Head of Mōri clan
In office
Preceded byMōri Motonari
Succeeded byMōri Terumoto
Personal details
Sarukake castle, Aki Province
DiedSeptember 18, 1563
(aged 40 or 41)
Yoshida, Aki Province
ChildrenMōri Terumoto
NicknameShōnotarō (少輔太郎)
Military service
Allegiance Imperial House of Japan
Amago clan
Ōuchi clan
Mōri clan
RankDaimyō (Lord)
Unit Mōri clan
Battles/warsBattle of Miyajima (1555)
Siege of Moji (1561)

Biography Edit

Born in the Tajihi-Sarugake Castle in 1523.[1] Takamoto was sent to Suō Province as a hostage of Ōuchi Yoshitaka.[1] This was done to ensure his father's loyalties to Ōuchi.[1] He was allowed to return home and around 1546, upon his father's retirement, Takamoto inherited formal leadership of the family, but his father Motonari continued to wield actual control over the clan's affairs.[1]

In 1555, Sue Harukata, one of Ōuchi's vassals, staged a coup and forced Ōuchi Yoshitaka to commit suicide.[1] He was then attacked by Mōri Takamoto and his father, and was defeated in the battle of Miyajima.[2] The Mōri, defeating the Sue/Ōuchi forces, thus rose to power in the Chūgoku region,[1]

In 1561, Takamoto fought in the Siege of Moji against Ōtomo Sōrin in alliance with the Portuguese. Ōtomo led an all-out attack on the castle, but the assault failed, and the castle finally remained in Mōri possession.[3]

At the advice or orders of his father, Takamoto seized the opportunity to attack the Ōuchi territory. He was leading the Mōri armies through Bingo Province, when on September 18, 1563, but he suddenly died at the age of 41. Takamoto, died of a sudden disease, though assassination by poison was suspected.

Around 1566,[1][4] Takamoto's son Mōri Terumoto was selected as his heir, but Motonari continued to wield the true power of Mori clan.[5]

Family Edit

  • Father: Mōri Motonari (1497–1571)
  • Mother: Myōkyū (1499–1546)
  • Siblings:
  • Half Siblings:
    • Ninomiya Naritoki (1546–1607)
    • Mōri Motokiyo (1551–1597)
    • Mōri Motoaki (1552–1585)
    • Izuha Mototomo (1555–1571)
    • Amano Motomasa (1559–1609)
    • Suetsugu Motoyasu (1560–1601)
    • Kobayakawa Hidekane (1567–1601)
  • Wife: Lady Ozaki, daughter of Naitō Okimori and adopted daughter of Ōuchi Yoshitaka (1527–1572)
  • Children:
    • Mōri Terumoto (1553–1625)
    • Lady Tsuwano, first wife of Yoshimi Hiroyori

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