Mister Spain (Spanish: Míster España) is an annual Spanish beauty pageant for young men in Spain.

Míster España
Mister Spain
TypeMale Pageant
Mister World
Mister International
Official language
Castilian Spanish
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Titleholders Edit

Jorge Fernández, Mister Spain 1999 and 2000. He was the only man to hold the Mister Spain title for two consecutive years, since there was no competition the following year.
Year Míster España Region Notes
1996 José Ramón Villar A Coruña Did not classify for Mister World
1997 Enrique Miranda [es] Cádiz Top 6 in Mister World
1998 Manuel Roldán Córdoba Did not classify for Mister World
1999 Jorge Fernández Gipuzkoa Did not compete
2001 Pablo Martín Murcia Did not compete
2002 Isaac Vidjrakou Barcelona Did not classify for Mister World
2003 Juan Antonio Ruiz Almería Did not compete
2004 José Gómez Biscay Did not compete
2005 Borja Alonso A Coruña Did not compete
2006 Juan García Postigo Málaga Mister World 2007[1]
2007 Luis Muñoz Madrid Did not compete
2008 José Manuel Montalvo [es] Madrid Did not compete
2009 Guillermo García Zaragoza Did not classify for Mister World
2010 Carlos Alberto García Las Palmas Did not compete
2011 Diego Otero [es] Toledo Did not compete
2013 Adrián Gallardo Alcoholado Málaga Did not classify for Mister World
2014 David Roca Martínez Valencia Top 3 in Mister World
2015 Alejandro Nieto[2] Cádiz Did not compete
2016 Christian Pérez Valencia
2017 Rubén Castillero
2018 Jesús Collado
2019 Yeray Hidalgo Las Palmas
2020 Manuel Romo
2021 Alexander Calvo Málaga
2022 Daniel Lorente

List of Mister Spain at International pageants Edit

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Mister International Edit

Between 2009 and 2012 runner-up of Míster España went to Mister International pageant. Since 2013 the winner of Míster España represents his country at the Mister International. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Míster España Placement Special Awards
2018 Jesús Collado Top 15
2017 Rubén Castillero Top 15
2016 Daniel Moreno Top 9
2015 Daniel Barreres Top 15 Mister Unisilverwatch Time
People's Choice Award
2013 Adrián Gallardo Alcoholado Unplaced
2012 Miguel Arce Unplaced
2011 Gervasio "Gerva" Moglio Unplaced
2010 Luis Alberto Macías Pérez 2nd Runner-up
2009 Héctor Soria 1st Runner-up

Mister World Edit

Míster España traditionally represents the grand winners to the Mister World. Since 2012 Mister World Spain casts in separation casting.

Year Míster España Placement Special Awards
2019 Daniel Torres Moreno Unplaced Top Model Challenge (Top 25)
Mr. World
2016 Ángel Martínez Elul Unplaced Penalty Shootout (Winner)
Mr. World Extreme Challenge
2014 José Ignacio Ros Unplaced
2012 Álvaro Villanueva Santos Unplaced
2010 Guillermo García Unplaced
2007 Juan García Postigo Mister World 2007
2003 Isaac Vidjrakou Unplaced
2000 Manuel Roldán Unplaced
1998 Enrique Miranda Top 6
1996 José Ramón Gutiérrez Villar Unplaced

Mister Global Edit

Year Míster España Placement Special Awards
2018 Fabián Pérez 2nd Runner-up
2017 Daniel Sampedro "Logan" Top 10 Best Model
2016 Chema Malavia 2nd Runner-up Mister Photogenic

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