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Més per Menorca (English: More for Menorca, MpM)[2] is a Menorcan political party. It was a coalition formed by the Socialist Party of Menorca, Republican Left, The Greens of Menorca, Equo, local parties and independents around the island until 2017. MpM was created in July 2014.[3] Until May 2017 it had been linked to the similarly-named alliance in Majorca.[4]

Més per Menorca
LeaderManel Martí
General SecretaryAlbert Pons
Founded2010 (as a coalition)
21 May 2017 (as a party)
Merger ofPSM-EM
Republican Left
The Greens of Menorca
Equo Menorca
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Green politics
Left-wing nationalism
Balearic Parliament (Menorcan seats)
2 / 13
Council of Menorca
3 / 13
Mayors in Menorca
1 / 8
Town councilors
20 / 125


MpM gained 3 deputies in the Balearic elections of 2015, being the third most voted party of the island in those elections (after the PP and the Socialist Party).[5] In the local elections held the same day, the coalition only presented a list in Ciutadella de Menorca, where it gained 6 town councillors and the mayorship. In the remaining municipalities of the island MpM either participated or supported other local coalitions.

In October 2016 the Més per Menorca coalition proposed and carried a motion to adopt permanent Summer Time on the island.[6]

In May 2017, MpM was transformed into a party, electing Nel Martí as its coordinator.[7]

Electoral performanceEdit

Parliament of the Balearic IslandsEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2015 6,582 1.5% +0.6  2 Government 6th

Island Council of MenorcaEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2015 7,038 18.7% +7.6  2 Government 3rd

Cortes GeneralesEdit

Balearic IslandsEdit

Congress of Deputies
Date Votes Seats Size
# % ±pp # ±
2015 33,877 7.0% –0.2  0 *
2016 N/A
Date Seats Size
# ±
2015  0 *
2016  0 **


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