Márcio Simão de Souza (born 24 January 1975 in Santo André, São Paulo) is a retired Brazilian hurdler who specialised in the 110 metres hurdles. Early in his career he competed as a decathlete.

He finished fifth at the 2003 World Championships in Paris and won a bronze medal at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo.

His personal best time is 13.38 seconds, achieved in June 1999 in Rio de Janeiro.

Competition recordEdit

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing   Brazil
1993 South American Junior Championships Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 1st Decathlon 6613 pts
1994 World Junior Championships Lisbon, Portugal 18th Decathlon 6286 pts
South American Junior Championships Santa Fe, Argentina 1st Decathlon 6530 pts
1995 South American Championships Manaus, Brazil 2nd Decathlon 6762 pts
1996 Ibero-American Championships Medellín, Colombia 4th Decathlon 7112 pts
1998 Ibero-American Championships Lisbon, Portugal 4th 110 m hurdles 14.13
1999 South American Championships Bogotá, Colombia 3rd 110 m hurdles 14.37
Universiade Palma de Mallorca, Spain 7th 110 m hurdles 14.04
Pan American Games Winnipeg, Canada 9th (h) 110 m hurdles 13.67
World Championships Seville, Spain 34th (h) 110 m hurdles 13.83
2000 Ibero-American Championships Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1st 110 m hurdles 13.76
Olympic Games Sydney, Australia 17th (qf) 110 m hurdles 13.71
2001 South American Championships Manaus, Brazil 1st 110 m hurdles 13.64
World Championships Edmonton, Canada 28th (h) 110 m hurdles 13.88
2003 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 17th (h) 60 m hurdles 7.80
Pan American Games Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 3rd 110 m hurdles 13.45
World Championships Paris, France 5th 110 m hurdles 13.48
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 20th (h) 60 m hurdles 7.78
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 19th (qf) 110 m hurdles 13.54