Lyzohub government

The Lyzohub Government was the first official government of Ukrainian State that was confirmed on 4 May 1918 after Pavlo Skoropadsky managed to oust the previous socialist government led by Vsevolod Holubovych and dissolve the Central Council of Ukraine. Most of its candidates were already pre-selected by Mykola Vasylenko who took the portfolio of Minister of National Education.

On October 5, 1918 the opposition represented by the Ukrainian National Union and led by Volodymyr Vynnychenko demanded almost half of government portfolios, but managed to convince the Hetman of Ukraine Pavlo Skoropadsky to include five of its own ministers. On October 24 that petition was approved. The same day several dismissed ministers wrote the "Statement of niners" where they urged the government to sign federalization agreement with Russia.

Original compositionEdit

Office Name minister Party
Otaman Fedir Lyzohub Octobrists
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Doroshenko Socialist-Federalists
Minister of Military Affairs Oleksandr Rohoza
Minister of Naval Affairs M.Maksymov
Minister of Internal Affairs Fedir Lyzohub (same)
Minister of Finance Anton Rzepecki Cadets
Minister of Trade Sergei Hutnik Cadets
Minister of Labor Yuliy Wagner
Minister of Ways of Communication Borys Butenko Ukrainian People's Society
Minister of Food Yuriy Sokolovsky Cadets
Minister of Justice Mykhailo Chubynsky Cadets
Minister of Confessions Vasiliy Zienkowski
Minister of Health and Wardship Vsevolod Lyubynsky Ukrainian People's Society
Minister of National Education Mykola Vasylenko Cadets
Minister of Agriculture Vasiliy Kolokoltsov
State controller Yuriy Afanasiev
State secretary Ihor Kistiakovsky


During summer
October 24, UNU coalition

Coalition / oppositionEdit

  • Pro-Russian: Vasylenko, Rzepecki, Grebel, Hutnik, Romanov, Zienkowski, Kokoltsev, Wagner, Afanasiev, Zavadsky
  • Pro-Ukrainian: Kistiakovsky, Lyubynsky, Doroshenko, Butenko, Rohoza
    • Denouncing of the Brest-Litovsk treaty, complete independence


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