Lyon Metro Line D

Line D (Ligne D) is a rapid transit line on the Lyon Metro. It runs east-west underneath the two major rivers of Lyon, connecting Vieux Lyon with the Presqu'ile and the Part-Dieu region. Line D commenced operation under human control on 4 September 1991, between Gorge-de-Loup and Grange-Blanche.[1] It was extended to Gare de Vénissieux on 11 December 1992, when it switched to automatic (driverless) operation, also known as MAGGALY (Métro Automatique à Grand Gabarit de l’Agglomération Lyonnaise).[1] On 28 April 1997, the line was extended again to Gare de Vaise.[1]

Line D
Lyon tcl metro-d.svg
Zoom sur un MPL85 à la station Vieux-Lyon.jpg
Native nameLigne D
TypeRapid transit
SystemLyon Metro
Ridership91.8 million per year
Last extension1997[1]
Rolling stockMPL 85
Line length12.5 km (7.8 mi)[1]
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
with rollways outside of track
Electrification750 V DC guide bars
Rack systemNone
Average inter-station distance929 m (3,048 ft)

Being the deepest of the lines in Lyon, it was constructed mainly using boring machines and passes under both rivers, the Rhône and the Saône. At 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) long[1] and serving 15 stations,[1] it is also the longest metro line in Lyon.

List of stationsEdit

Metro D entering in the station Guillotière - Gabriel Péri.
Plan of the Line (Plan de la ligne)


  • 9 September 1991 - Gorge de Loup to Grange Blanche
  • 11 December 1992 - Grange Blanche to Gare de Vénissieux
  • 28 April 1997 - Gorge de Loup to Gare de Vaise

Rolling stockEdit

Since the opening of the line in 1991, there are 36 MPL 85 trains. The MPL 85 are composed of 2 cars per trainset.

From 2020, only during peak hours, each train could combine two MPL 85 trainsets and form a single train of 4 cars.[citation needed]

In 2016, new MPL-16 trains have been ordered to Alstom. 10 of them will circulate on the line starting from 2023, in addition to MPL 85 trains. The 2 cars of each train will be connected with gangways, and it will be a novelty in Lyon Metro.[citation needed]

The MPL 16 trains won't be able to run on the line D with the current driverless system, MAGGALY. To overcome this problem, the line D will get a new driverless system, the same as the one which will equip the line B starting from 2020, where MPL 16 will circulate too.[citation needed]


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