Lynn Valley

Lynn Valley is a neighbourhood of North Vancouver, British Columbia. Located at the northern edge of Metro Vancouver, it sits between Mount Fromme and Mount Seymour. The area's natural parks include Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (formerly known as the "Seymour Demonstration Forest") and Lynn Canyon Park, whose main attraction is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Lynn Valley is named after British Royal Engineer John Linn, who settled in the area after 1869. The main intersection of Lynn Valley Road and Mountain Highway is the location of the Main Library and Town Centre. The area is now known as Lynn Valley Village.

Argyle Secondary SchoolEdit

As the primary secondary school for young adults in Lynn Valley, Argyle Secondary School has been under consideration for rebuilding for the past seven years, with no true plans to move forward.[1] Construction is now starting on a replacement school in the summer of 2018.

Natural featuresEdit

Lynn Canyon Park contains approximately 250 hectares (620 acres) of land area, which some have characterized as relatively "unspoilt".[2] One of the tallest known specimen of Douglas fir tree was once located in Lynn Valley.[3]

With the luscious forests and natural beauty of Lynn Valley, it is the prime location for filming. Here is the list of movies and TV shows filmed here:

Many people cliff jump at an area of the canyon called 30 foot.

[Once Upon a Time]

[X-Men: The Last Stand]

[Life Unexpected]

[The 6th Day]

[Along Came a Spider]

[The Commish]

[Dark Angel]


[First Blood]

[The Invisible]



Poet's CornerEdit

A cute touristic niche of Lynn Valley is Poet's Corner, a series of street names of past poets. These include Shakespeare, Tennyson, William, Chaucer, and Milton as well as many others. Weaving around the outskirts of Hunter's or Kirkstone Park, these series of streets are quiet and peaceful filled with lots of forests and nature, with an amazing sense of community from the sweet elderly to the wonderful families who move in to this beautiful wooded area with lots of fresh air and scenery to the parks and nature, you'll always have a nice place to relax and enjoy nature at its finest levels!


Previously known as "Shaketown", the rugged beginnings of Lynn Valley consisted of shake-sided shakes to accommodate lumberjacks, cooks, blacksmiths, and millwrights who used the lumber during the turn of the century. The skid road built straight down the middle called Tote Road, used for oxen to haul felled logs to the Moodyville waterfront, was bisected with "Centre Road" (now Mountain Highway), and Pipeline Road, a simple plank road along which a pipeline was installed to carry drinking water from Rice Lake to North Vancouver, which is now called Lynn Valley Road. [4]

Lynn Valley Town CentreEdit

Lynn Valley has had a Town Centre, designed by architect Gregory Henriquez.

Further readingEdit

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