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Lycée Fabert is a senior high school in Metz, Moselle department, Lorraine, France. The school, in the city centre, was the first lycée in Metz.[1]

Lycée Fabert
Cloître sainte Constance (lycée Fabert de Metz).JPG
Lycée Fabert
Metz, Moselle, Lorraine



The high school consists of several buildings. They include:[2]

  • The old lycée called "l'abbaye" - It is the former convent abbey of St. Vincent - It includes the headmaster offices, the staff offices, the library, and the cloister (cloître)
  • The "petit lycée" (Small lycée) - Built in 1845
  • The refectory - Built in 2003
  • St. Constance Building
  • Alexis de Tocqueville - It has served Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles (CPGE) students since the northern hemisphere autumn of 1999
  • Boarding dormitory ("L'internat")
  • "Palais des sciences" - The science building
  • Salle des Empereurs

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Further readingEdit

  • Cordani, Aline.(2006) Le Lycée Fabert, 200 ans d’histoire. Serpenoise, (in French)


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